Garden Genocide

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I hate daisies

Far prefer roses

They drive me crazy

My will imposes

I uproot them with such velocity

Anger, hate and ferocity

They do me no harm

But I see no charm

Roses are superior

Daisies… far… inferior


Daisies are lesser 

The roses sind besser

Lilies put pressure

On the measure 

Of purity in my bed

Of roses, the lilies…. 




Ruining the wealth of nations

In a land where there is room for naught 

But the beds are fraught

With flowers that crock

The economic bedrock

Of our floral flock

Of beautiful… 


Roses are hallowed

Sunflowers, they follow

As lambs to a shepherd

For me they replace cow turds

As I fertilize 

The red as far as can be seen

By my own two eyes 

I will not apologize

For wanting my garden to be the prize 

None will see through the guise

As they are distracted 

From the flowers I redacted

As I purified my garden


Roses outweigh daffodils

My garden a city on a hill

John Winthrop would be proud of my kill

When I think of roses,

I get chills

Daffodils, I feel no thrill

No need for me

To pop pills

I feel so free 

As I kill

The daffodils 

They wither and die

With happiness I will cry

The garden knows I try

To make it beautiful, 

Aromatic and spry

I just want my roses to fly

The pride of the garden be my…. 



You be lyin’

You’re no flower

My compost bin will devour

Your sad life a waste

Simply a disgrace

Spewing lies in my face

My dream I chase

My garden portrays

The master race.

Your existence

Oh, so snide

Upon this dream I will ride

To a garden filled with pride

To glory I will guide 

Mediocrity I will chide

My beautiful garden