Lil Pump is a Man for the People

Gazzy Garcia aka Lil Pump has risen to the top of the charts and sunk to the bottom of our hearts. With his rapid rise to superstardom at the astonishingly low age of 18, Lil Pump has been living up to his tweet of “when they hate u doing something right.” 

With his massive following of over 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he is ranked as the 71stmost listened to artist in the world. Additionally, Lil Pump has 17.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on Twitter. He has the ability through his following to reach millions of people and to be one of the biggest influencers in the world currently. 

He has built this sizeable fanbase through his outrageous persona and his humorous songs and social media posts. He has numerous tattoos, some on his face, and is often seen wearing thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry, including a gold necklace with a likeness of his face on it, as well as a gold grill for his teeth that he posted photos of himself buying immediately after getting his braces off. He has also posted two videos to his Instagram that show him peeing on money, which stirred up immense controversy and brought an unbelievable amount of attention to him. Recently, he posted a video on Twitter that showed adult film star, Riley Reid, naked and smoking marijuana from between his toes. His songs include creative and ridiculous lyrics such as “your mama still live in a tent,” and “me and my grandma take meds” making young people laugh and further bringing attention to him both as an artist and as a celebrity.

At only 18 years old he has far surpassed the average net worth ($93,000) of the 18 to 24-year-old age group with a net worth upwards of 8 million dollars. He has recently announced a new tour for his album Harverd Dropout, which debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200. His fanbase, including myself, was massively excited about the release of his second album and his numerous delays and releases of singles within his album only added to my anticipation. His rapping career began before he was even a legal adult and he sold out shows with tickets available exclusively to those over the age of 21 while he was only 17 himself. His massive success is amazing to witness, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

He admittedly lacks humility in many of his posts and songs and is often shown sporting expensive chains or clothing. Showcasing the lifestyle that he lives, while off-putting to some, is inspirational to many young followers and shows that through boldness and the development of one’s talents anybody can make a name for themselves and become influential like him. He talks about his lavish lifestyle in his songs as well with lyrics such as “Eighty degrees, still wear a Gucci fur coat” in his recent release “Racks on Racks.” Even the name of the song is a testament to the wealth that he has accumulated over the past few years

Although often lacking humility, Lil Pump uses his Twitter as a platform to inspire his followers with tweets including words of inspiration such as “chase yo dreams,” and “tomorrow isn’t promise” as well as tweets such as “love u” that express his love for his fans. Using his position as an influencer to inspire and spread his love to his fans, Lil Pump is a man for the people and I sincerely hope that he continues making the hilarious music that shot him to fame and that he is famous for. His persona brings humor to my stressful days at college and his lighthearted lyrics coupled with outstanding beats can make any situation seem like a party and can prepare me to take on the day every time that I hear them.