Another Example of the Left Battling Itself

Mitchell Rolling

Left-wing ideals often come into clash with one another, oftentimes in hilarious ways. This can be seen with almost every issue; their desire for open borders and an expansion in the welfare state simultaneously being one of them, which Milton Friedman will tell you is a recipe that will ultimately destroy a nation. 

But this clash of ideals can also be seen in public schools, which most conservatives and libertarians would probably agree have been increasingly influenced by a leftist bias in recent years. 

This was highlighted beautifully in a recent incident in Blake, MN that saw the colliding of the Left’s desire to respond harshly to sexual misconduct and their delicate approach to anything race related.

According to a CBS article, a student was disciplined after attending a school dance where “he was accused of touching a female student inappropriately and drinking.” After being approached for such behavior, “he fled because he believed he would have to take a breathalyzer test.” The school, after taking this into account and “two accusations of sexual assault had been made against him,” suspended him.

All good, right? Drunk on school grounds, two sexual assault accusations, and fleeing the scene after being approached all seem like reasonable reasons to suspend someone, if not expel him or her.

But apparently, for some, this punishment was not suitable for this young man. You see, he was African-American, and punishing minorities for sexual misconduct is” racist.” And that is exactly what this individual’s family is arguing. 

In a lawsuit brought against the school, the family of this young man is “claiming the school discriminated against him because of his race and failed to follow Title IX and internal investigative procedures before making its disciplinary decision.” The suit attempts to portray the accused individual as simply being a part of the crowd, who along with other students “danced by jumping up and down, grinding, and twerking for approximately an hour with no objection from Blake staff.”

My first reaction was: 

Really? Your son is caught drunk at a school dance and inappropriately touching female students, and you accuse the school of discriminating against him in their punishment? My mother would have forgiven me for drinking but would have also expressed her sincere disgust about me treating women in such a way. A suspension would have only been half of my punishment once my parents found out. 

Then, after thinking about it, I realized the comedic side of the whole ordeal. The school acted swiftly in their decision, probably out of fear for being accused of not taking sexual assault accusations seriously. It is also difficult to take the side of someone who flees the immediate scene, which most likely branded him guilty from the onset. 

And in their swift reaction they most likely never saw the backlash coming. How did they not know that disciplining minorities as you would anyone else would cause a problem? And if this family wins the lawsuit, this problem could result in a $75,000 payout. 

That’s right. The family of this student – who, I repeat, was accused twice in a single night of sexual assault and was caught drunk on school grounds – is demanding $75,000 for suspending him for his behavior, and they are using his race to do it. 

Not only is this an example of the Left eating itself, but it highlights a rather disgusting fact of our society: people are using victimhood to dodge taking responsibility for any of their actions. If this lawsuit results in a win for this family, it will set a dangerous precedent that allows schools to give privilege to minority students when disciplinary actions are required. 

We already saw the dangers of this in the Parkland shooting, where schools officials refused to punish the shooter because of his Hispanic heritage.