Billy Sushi: A Must-Try Gastronomic Experience


Murphy Eggers

Minneapolis is home to a plethora of fantastic restaurants that are home to a variety of tastes from around the world.

Billy Sushi, founded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, has made a name for itself as one of the premier restaurants in the Twin Cities. Billy Sushi has established itself so much that celebrities such as Kanye West have been spotted dining at the location.

The owner of this establishment, Billy, is no stranger to the sushi industry. Billy founded Sushi Fix which was the first sushi food truck in the area. Sushi Fix evolved into a physical restaurant in Wayzata, Minnesota. Additionally, Billy has been a Global Sushi Challenge contender for the past two years. In this challenge, Billy represented the United States as one of the top nine sushi chefs in the country.

I had the opportunity to experience Billy Sushi for myself, and the visit did not disappoint. Billy uses the freshest fish and ingredients one can get in Minnesota. The Billy Sushi website describes the restaurant as “a three-ring performance of sorts – sushi bar, sake bar, and dining room – brought to life by the performances of sushi chefs, bartenders, and servers.” The three parts of the restaurant give an elite experience no matter why you visit.

The atmosphere of the restaurant from the start was very inviting which creates more intimate conversations with the table. The upbeat music that plays throughout the restaurant gives the feeling of something beyond a restaurant.  

To start the meal, my party ordered edamame and tempura vegetables. The edamame was a classic iteration of the steamed soybeans that were lightly salted. The tempura vegetables were one of the dishes our waiter recommended. This fried dish included an array of different vegetables fried in a light, yet flavorful tempura batter. The dish included avocado, peppers,  a nest of shredded carrots and onions, and cilantro.

The sushi selections at Billy are extensive with combinations that create an amazing flavor experience. The rolls of sushi were delivered on a wooden boat that is typical for large orders.  

The deck of the boat included the crunchy roll, Mojo, Uncultured Swan, Silly Billy, and the classic California roll. The crunchy roll included shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, and musago and was wrapped with crunchy flakes, unagi sauce, and kaiware. The Mojo was a flash-fried roll that included cream cheese, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber, cilantro, and avocado finished with sriracha sauce. The Silly Billy roll was one that really stood out from the rest. Inside the Silly Billy roll, there is spicy tuna and shrimp tempura, and it is wrapped with avocado and four different kinds of fish. The four different kinds of fish give the roll an ecletic flavor.

Silly Billy Roll

There is a whole page on the menu dedicated to the luxurious wagyu beef. Billy offers a seared A5 wagyu beef or a sushi roll option where the wagyu beef is complemented by other classic sushi ingredients. One roll called the Butterfly Kiss features A5 wagyu along with 24k gold.

If sushi is not the flavor profile you prefer, Billy Sushi offers a wide variety of dishes anywhere from noodles to teriyaki-seared meats. Billy sushi also has a bar that features a wide variety of the best sake. On top of the sake, Billy has an extensive list of mixed cocktails.  

If you are lucky enough, the owner Billy frequents around the restaurant from table to table greeting all the guests.

All in all, Billy Sushi is a destination that any sushi lover would enjoy. The sushi and food offered are some of the best you will get in Minnesota. Billy Sushi gives an outstanding approach to representing all the ways sushi can showcase different ingredients and flavors to make a superb dish. With the three-part restaurant style including a sushi bar, dining room, and sake bar, Billy Sushi can accommodate any date night or dinner party.