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Board of Regents has Major Shakeup Following Sviggum’s Comments on Morris

Charlie Eggers, Editor January 25, 2023

In late October of last year, the vice chair of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents spoke his mind on the declining admissions to the University of Minnesota’s second-smallest campus: Morris.  The...

Are Woke Movies Finally Done?

Charlie Eggers, Editor December 7, 2022

Has the movie-going experience been different in recent years? If so, you are not alone. In recent years the movie industry has been pursuing progressive themes that appear in almost every film now made...

New Ideas on How We Should Run State Elections

Charlie Eggers, Editor November 16, 2022

Just over a week ago, we found out the results from the 2022 midterm election on November 8th, 2022. Many of the results were unsurprising and the polls were very accurate in forecasting this year's winners.  In...

Modern Warfare II Review: Best game of the year?

Charlie Eggers, Editor November 2, 2022

This past week saw the release of the newest installation of "Call of Duty." The new game in the franchise is titled "Modern Warfare II" and is the sequel to 2019, "Modern Warfare." Both games are a reboot...

Republicans are Favored to Win the House

Charlie Eggers, Editor October 19, 2022

This year's midterm election could shape the rest of Joe Biden's presidency. Currently, Democrats currently control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the House, the current party distribution...

New Intramural League Hitting Campus

Charlie Eggers, Editor October 5, 2022

This is the first year that students will have the opportunity to play intramural sports outside the University-sponsored IMleagues. This new opportunity is called LUG sports and has made its way to dozens...

Gubernatorial Election Update

Charlie Eggers, Editor September 21, 2022

Election season is heating up in the state of Minnesota. There are some key elections in the state including Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney general. The largest race in the state...

Netflix Facing Cutbacks After Bad Quarter

Netflix Facing Cutbacks After Bad Quarter

Charlie Eggers, Contributor May 4, 2022

For the longest time, Netflix has been unstoppable in its domination of the streaming industry. With this domination of the industry, Netflix has seen growth over the years. But this most recent quarter,...

What Students think of the Spring Jam Lineup

Charlie Eggers, Contributor April 23, 2022

It feels like an eternity since the last spring jam happened. It's been nearly 4 years and the only people still at the University who were able to see the last one are graduating this year! Additionally,...

The New Lego Star Wars is Out of This World: A Review of Lego Star Wars, The Skywalker Saga

The New Lego Star Wars is Out of This World: A Review of Lego Star Wars, The Skywalker Saga

Charlie Eggers, Contributor April 7, 2022

After six years of waiting for the next Lego Star Wars game and multiple delays, Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga was finally released Tuesday. The game comprises all nine Star Wars movies from the Phantom...

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After a Disastrous Oscars this Year, Are the Oscars Headed Down the Wrong Path?

Charlie Eggers, Contributor April 6, 2022

This year's Oscars have proven to be the worst Oscars yet. It seems like just yesterday when the show was something to look forward to. Recently, it seems like the award show is struggling to bring in...

Top 5 places to Golf in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Charlie eggers, Contributor March 24, 2022

The Midwest is home to some of the best golf courses in the country. Many are private; however, there are a few that an average golfer can play without a membership. This is a list of the top five best...

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