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How to Improve your Finances as a College Student

Charlie Eggers, Editor February 19, 2024

Balancing the demands of classes, work, and social life is a common struggle for college students. This challenge is compounded by the need to manage personal finances effectively, which adds another layer...

NHL Blunders

John Smith, Contributor April 26, 2023

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are an exciting time for hockey fans, but there are concerns about the growth of the league due to a series of blunders in recent years. Here are five major mistakes that the...

John Wick 4 Blows its Predecessors Out of the Water

John Wick 4 Blows its Predecessors Out of the Water

Charlie Eggers, Editor April 12, 2023

Over the years the John Wick movie series has established itself as one of the most intense and action-packed films in the history of cinema. The newest installment brings the series to a new level.  In...

Nuclear Power Plant Leaks

Charlie Eggers, Editor March 29, 2023

This year we have seen numerous environmental disasters. In 2023 alone the United States is averaging 1 chemical disaster a day. Some are of course larger than others. For instance, the East Palestine...

Most Entertaining Movie of the Year?

Most Entertaining Movie of the Year?

Charlie Eggers, Editor March 15, 2023

Movies are more than just the sum of their parts. A well-crafted movie title can create a sense of anticipation and excitement in the audience. It can make them curious about what they are going to see...

Does Safe-U Really Keep Us Up to Date?

Does Safe-U Really Keep Us Up to Date?

John Smith, Contributor February 22, 2023

When you are in your Freshman year at the University of Minnesota, one of the first things you are advised to do is sign up for the university's public safety notification system, Safe-U alert. According...

Does Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon still hold after 50 years?

Charlie Eggers, Editor February 8, 2023

It would be a crime not to have "Dark side of the Moon" within the top ten of any list pertaining to rock. "Dark Side of the Moon" is in the top three best-selling albums of all time as well as being on...

Board of Regents has Major Shakeup Following Sviggum’s Comments on Morris

John Smith, Contributor January 25, 2023

In late October of last year, the vice chair of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents spoke his mind on the declining admissions to the University of Minnesota’s second-smallest campus: Morris.  The...

Are Woke Movies Finally Done?

John Smith, Contributor December 7, 2022

Has the movie-going experience been different in recent years? If so, you are not alone. In recent years the movie industry has been pursuing progressive themes that appear in almost every film now made...

New Ideas on How We Should Run State Elections

John Smith, Contributor November 16, 2022

Just over a week ago, we found out the results from the 2022 midterm election on November 8th, 2022. Many of the results were unsurprising and the polls were very accurate in forecasting this year's winners.  In...

Modern Warfare II Review: Best game of the year?

Charlie Eggers, Editor November 2, 2022

This past week saw the release of the newest installation of "Call of Duty." The new game in the franchise is titled "Modern Warfare II" and is the sequel to 2019, "Modern Warfare." Both games are a reboot...

Republicans are Favored to Win the House

John Smith, Contributor October 19, 2022

This year's midterm election could shape the rest of Joe Biden's presidency. Currently, Democrats currently control both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the House, the current party distribution...

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