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Cuomos' Catastrophic COVID Response (Finally) Addressed

Cuomos’ Catastrophic COVID Response (Finally) Addressed

Avery Heinen, Contributor February 25, 2021

About a year ago one of the only things you would hear on the news was ‘flatten the curve’. There was an accompanying graphic showing the rate of COVID-19 transmission. The ‘good curve’ was the...

Minneapolis City Council Sending Mixed Messages

Minneapolis City Council Sending Mixed Messages

Avery Heinen, Contributor February 24, 2021

In the weeks following the killing of Minneapolis resident George Floyd by an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department, several members of the Minneapolis City Council told crowds of protestors that...

The Disturbing Rise of the Teenage Communist

Education vs Experience
Avery Heinen, Contributor February 10, 2021

One of the more recent developments that I find interesting is academia’s general disregard for the types of people that used to be seen as pillars of society: a person’s elders. It's becoming easier...

The Number of President Biden's Executive Orders Breaks Records

The Number of President Biden’s Executive Orders Breaks Records

With 28 executive orders signed in his first two weeks, Biden more than doubles the long standing record.
Avery Heinen, Contributor February 10, 2021

The executive order is one of the more interesting powers given to the President of the United States. It can give direction to any agency or body under the control of the executive branch, but requires...

Minnesota Trump Supporters' Big Day Out

Minnesota Trump Supporters’ Big Day Out

Law Enforcement (and Journalists) Outnumber Protestors
Avery Heinen, Contributor February 1, 2021

If you don’t know about the riot that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, I’m not sure where you have been. Despite media assertions that this was a massive violent mob set on overtaking the US government...

Who's Cash Is It Anyway?

Who’s Cash Is It Anyway?

Politicans seem to have forgotten how generosity works
Avery Heinen January 27, 2021

The American public has been told for nearly a year now that if Joe Biden was the president, he would be able to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Two of his big ideas were to first, put in place a national...

The Most Egregious of Violations

The Most Egregious of Violations

Avery Heinen December 10, 2020

Many Democratic politicians have been coming under fire recently for bucking the restrictions they put in place to protect their constituents. Many have pointed to the actions of their Republican colleagues,...

They Broke It, but We'll Have to Fix It

They Broke It, but We’ll Have to Fix It

Minnesota's government officials are going to have to face their failures
Avery Heinen, Contributor December 10, 2020

The big question that always seems to pop up the moment that chaos has at least somewhat settled is “Who is going to pay for this?” This was the case when the riots in Minneapolis slowed at the end...

Minnesota: The (Unoffical) Results Are In

Minnesota: The (Unoffical) Results Are In

Avery Heinen, Contributor November 21, 2020

While Minnesota’s election results won’t be fully certified until the State Canvassing Board meets and gives the thumbs up, the deadline for absentee ballots to be received and counted came and went...

It's Only Fair if We Win

It’s Only Fair if We Win

Avery Heinen, Contributor November 4, 2020

Despite the House’s ‘in-crowd’ calling it “expanding the court,” court packing is far more serious than that deceptive phrasing would have you believe. With the confirmation of Justice Barrett,...

The K-12 Conundrum

The K-12 Conundrum

A look into the COVID-19 responses of Minnesota's largest public school districts
Avery Heinen, Contributor November 4, 2020

Minnesota doesn’t have a blanket policy covering how all public K-12 schools in the state should be dealing with COVID-19 concerns. Prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, Gov. Walz instructed...

The Green New Deal vs. Basic Mathematics

The Green New Deal vs. Basic Mathematics

The Green New Deal makes promises it can not keep.
Avery Heinen, Contributor October 21, 2020

One of the first things you learn in an American civics class is that a president of the United States serves a maximum of two terms in office. This was the precedent set by George Washington when he declined...

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