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Playoff Football

Colby Lentz, Contributer January 25, 2023

The playoffs. The playoffs for the national football league or the NFL is always a joy to watch. There are many storylines and some of the biggest names in sports. This year's biggest surprise is the breakthrough...

Top 10 Gifts for Men this Christmas

Colby Lentz, Contributor December 7, 2022

Here is a list of what men would want for Christmas. There is no particular order for this list, it is just some ideas as to what men or guys would want for Christmas.  1.) Shady Rays (sunglasses) Every...

2022-2023 Gopher Basketball

2022-2023 Gopher Basketball

Kade Paulson, Contributor November 16, 2022

Minnesota Gopher basketball is going for their 11th NCAA tournament appearance this year as they look to get back there for the first time since 2017. The Gophers, led by 2nd year coach, Ben Johnson...

Lying Lebron

Colby Lentz, Contributer November 16, 2022

Lebron James is known for his excellent basketball skills and plays while being named one of the greatest basketball players of all time. However, recently Lebron is being called out for lying about multiple...

Her Loss Album Review

Colby Lentz, Contributer November 16, 2022

Drake and 21 Savage just released their highly anticipated album Her Loss on November 2, 2022. This album was supposed to drop on October 28th but Drake’s producer “40” got Covid before the release...

Fall is Here for a Limited Time

Colby Lentz, Contributer November 2, 2022

Fall is here. The leaves have changed into pigments of orange, yellow, brown, and red. Leaves have already started to fall, and the rakes and leaf blowers are coming out. The days are getting shorter with...

Tacos Locos Review

Colby Lentz, Contributer October 19, 2022

I have always been a fan of Mexican food. My family would always go out to eat at Mexican restaurants whether it was eating at Chipotle, Teresa’s, Fiesta Cancun and many more options. There are many...

Lil Baby Album Review

Colby Lentz, Contributor October 19, 2022

Lil Baby has just released his new album with 23 songs on October 14 with a variety of features including Nardo Wick, Young Thug, Friday, Future, Rylo Rodriguez, Jeremih, EST Gee, and Pooh Shiesty. This...

Mustaches are Back

Colby Lentz, Contributer October 5, 2022

Mustaches are on the come-up. Recently mustaches have been making a comeback and are better than ever. In the 1920s mustaches were a very popular trend and almost any man who could grow one, would. They...

First time Game of Thrones Watcher

First time Game of Thrones Watcher

Colby Lentz, Contributer September 21, 2022

With the excitement surrounding House of the Dragon, a prequel of the critically acclaimed show Game of Thrones, I knew I had to watch it, but I had never seen Game of Thrones. This does not matter because...

Winter V.S. Summer Olympics

Winter V.S. Summer Olympics

Colby Lentz, Contributor February 16, 2022

The Olympics are something that has been around for as long as I have been living and more and they still get me excited whenever they are on. The Olympics are so fun to watch because they are on whenever...

NFL Overtime Rules

NFL Overtime Rules

Colby Lentz, Contributor February 2, 2022

The NFL overtime rules have been in question for years with people saying how unfair the rules are to teams who don’t even receive a chance to win the game. People have also said that it's the luck of...

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