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Vision and Destiny Episode 3 Review: Constructing an Identity

Luke Rexing, Editor April 12, 2023

The third episode of Jordan Peterson’s Vision and Destiny is an expansion on the issues that were brought up in the previous episode. In case you missed it, the previous episode was titled “The Identity...

Vision and Destiny: Episode 2 Review

Luke Rexing, Editor March 29, 2023

The second episode of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Vision and Destiny on the Daily Wire+ starts to get a bit more political than the first. During the first episode, Peterson explores the idea of vision and...

Jordan Peterson: Vision and Destiny Episode One Review

Luke Rexing, Editor March 16, 2023

Canadian Psychologist and college professor, Dr. Jordan Peterson, has just released a new series on the Daily Wire+ platform. I have reviewed another one of his short programs in the past - Dragons, Monsters,...

Students Crave a Story

Luke Rexing, Editor February 22, 2023

As a student here at the University of Minnesota, I feel I have an obligation to voice my comments, concerns, and questions that I have for the education system that I find myself to be a part of. I am...

ChatGPT: Transforming the Way We Interact with Technology

ChatGPT: Transforming the Way We Interact with Technology

Luke Rexing, Contributor February 8, 2023

A new form of artificial intelligence is on the rise, and it is taking over universities and professional occupations alike. ChatGPT (which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has been...

Peterson’s Avant-Garde Adventures

Luke Rexing, Contributor January 25, 2023

As many of my previous articles have demonstrated, I am a big fan of Jordan Peterson. I am currently in the middle of his book, 12 More Rules For Life - Beyond Order. His ideas have influenced my thinking,...

Hamline Attacks Academic Freedom: Backtracks in Midst of Massive Lawsuit

Luke Rexing, Contributor January 25, 2023

  Over the beginning weeks of the new year there has been a growing amount of controversy surrounding a Hamline University incident that took place in the final weeks of 2022. An art and history...

The Tate Trials

Luke Rexing, Contributor January 25, 2023

He has been one of the most controversial, influential, and popular people on the internet in the last year and a half. Googled more than the President, Andrew Tate has amassed an extremely loyal fanbase...

Fraud, Failure, and FTX

Luke Rexing, Contributor January 25, 2023

The markets have been in turmoil, as many would say that we are currently in a recession. Rising inflation has led to a feedback loop that is seemingly uncontrollable. The same is the case for crypto currencies,...

Bears, Bondage, and Balenciaga

Luke Rexing, Contributor December 7, 2022

Luxury and high fashion brand, Balenciaga, has been under serious scrutiny from the public recently over a controversial ad. This ad was a part of the newest holiday campaign, featuring standard pieces...

Dragons Monsters and Men: Episode 4 Review

Luke Rexing, Contributor November 16, 2022

The final episode in the Dragons, Monsters and Men series is titled Be Great. Peterson ties together some of the ideas that he covered in the previous episodes, and uses those ideals as a guide. The...

Terror on the Town: Halloweekend Edition

Luke Rexing, Contributor November 2, 2022

The attacks started the night of Thursday the 28th of October. A group of unknown young men loitered around the campus streets with mortars ready to blow. They started at Chi Psi, aka Lodge, and tossed...

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