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Oppose the TRIPS Waiver, Protect American Intellectual Property

Jack Radomski, Editor October 5, 2022

On June 17, member states of the World Trade Organization (WTO) voted to remove intellectual property rights on COVID-19 vaccines. The WTO is now considering expanding the reach of the waiver. The WTO,...

Biden’s Proposed Legislation: Allowing IRS access to bank accounts over $600

Biden’s Proposed Legislation: Allowing IRS access to bank accounts over $600

Will Sherry, Contributor September 29, 2021

As our 46th president Joe Biden approaches his second year in office, another new legislation has been thrown at us. The Biden Administration is currently trying to pass a legislation to enforce all financial...

The Number of President Bidens Executive Orders Breaks Records

The Number of President Biden’s Executive Orders Breaks Records

With 28 executive orders signed in his first two weeks, Biden more than doubles the long standing record.
Avery Heinen, Contributor February 10, 2021

The executive order is one of the more interesting powers given to the President of the United States. It can give direction to any agency or body under the control of the executive branch, but requires...

2021: Environmental Progress and Setbacks

Alyssa Abke, Contributor February 10, 2021

Although the discussion of how to handle the environment can be debated from person to person, most democrats and republicans can come to the consensus that environmental sustainability is something we...

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