Joe Biden’s Environmental Plan

January 29, 2021

Joe Bidens Environmental Plan

The recent change in White House administrations comes with a new plan for environmental issues. President Biden will strive to reverse many Trump administration policies surrounding the environment while taking a more drastic stance on climate change and environmental issues as a whole. The Biden administration promises a $5 trillion environmental plan, with a focus on climate change, clean water, and clean energy.

The Biden administration pledges to treat climate change as a top priority, as it has already rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, a deal from which the Trump administration withdrew. The Paris Agreement aims to reduce greenhouse gas emission worldwide and “limit global temperature rise below 2 °C compared with pre-industrial levels.” (Olive Oil Times) Rejoining the Paris Agreement in addition to other executive orders and policies are plans to stop climate change at the source, but the Biden administration also has plans for the more immediate effects of climate change. The official Biden Harris website states that they will “ensure that our buildings, water, transportation, and energy infrastructure can withstand the impacts of climate change.” 

Clean water for all Americans was a topic of debate on the campaign trail, as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought the issue to a national stage. The Biden administration outlines the specific problems facing each region of the United States on its official website and vows to make it a priority. The administration stresses a focus on not only ensuring clean water but also on addressing the issue of water scarcity so it is not a problem that Americans have to face. 

The focus on clean energy within the new administration comes with drastic changes and lofty goals. Many of the new policies come as a stark contrast to the Trump administration, as President Biden wants to support innovation within the clean energy sector and push it as a job creator, as well as implementing strict fuel efficiency standards. President Biden’s environmental plan states they will “use tax policy and other mechanisms to incentivize rapid deployment of innovations.” (National Geographic) President Biden recognizes the Green New Deal as “a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face” and will use that as a plan of action on many environmental issues. (President Biden) The specific goals enumerated by the Biden environmental plan include ensuring the United States reaches a “100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050.” (President Biden)

Critics of Biden’s environmental policy site the spending and the loss of jobs in many sectors as negatives to the plan. The administration’s cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline has come under fire as it has caused the loss of thousands of jobs. President Biden’s plan for clean energy will cost many blue-collar energy jobs, undoubtedly leading to hardship for many American citizens.

The Biden administration plans to take action against climate change while promoting the clean energy sector and the jobs it creates. The change in the White House comes with a priority in investing in the preservation of the environment and attempting to mitigate climate change and the adverse effects it has on the planet. However, President Biden’s plan comes with critiques from republicans, as it will lead to job loss for many blue-collar workers and will cost the taxpayer a lot of money. The administration promises to focus on climate change and clean energy, which is a change from the past administration and could change the trajectory of many industries in America.

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