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Living Room Tutors

Kate Buhman, Writer April 16, 2024

Looking for volunteer hours/opportunities? Jinglin Li, a student at the University of Minnesota, created an organization called Living Room Tutors, a volunteer organization that allows students to tutor...

CPAC: Thoughts at the Ronald Reagan Dinner

CPAC: Thoughts at the Ronald Reagan Dinner

Luke Rexing, Vice President February 28, 2024

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to Washington DC to attend CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. My time was spent with an editor of our paper, Charlie Eggers. Being our first time...

Saint Paul Winter Carnival – UMN Student Spotlight

University of Minnesota student, Madalyn McGarry, would take home on the royal titles competed for during the Saint Paul Winter Carnival
Nicholas Gunstrom, Writer February 6, 2024

The 2024 Saint Paul Winter Carnival saw success from one of our very own University of Minnesota students, Madalyn McGarry! Madalyn McGarry would be crowned South Wind Princess as part of the traditional...

A Shocking Proliferation of Communist Propaganda on Campus

A Shocking Proliferation of Communist Propaganda on Campus

Karl Marx Stickers Litter Public Spaces
Nick Gunstrom, Contributor October 24, 2023

In recent weeks, perhaps some readers have noticed odd stickers (such as the one pictured here) around campus. Some of these stickers have been worn or scratched at, but this image shows a relatively intact...

Anselm House

Anselm House: Building a Stronger Community

Zach Sirek, Writer October 8, 2023

Anselm House is an organization dedicated to the improvement of student and faculty life here on campus. Anselm House and its mission go back nearly 50 years here at the university, starting with the founding...

The Gophers Partner with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

The Gophers Partner with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Haley Wolff, Contributer April 27, 2023

The University of Minnesota Athletics recently partnered with Habitat for Humanity to construct affordable housing for those in need within the Twin Cities community. On Saturday, April 15th, the Gophers...

Study Tips for Finals at The University of Minnesota

Study Tips for Finals at The University of Minnesota

Maggie Fliszar, Editor April 26, 2023

Finals week can be one of the most stressful times for university students, especially at the University of Minnesota, where the coursework can be rigorous and demanding. However, with the right study...

Infant Onesie Design for Infant Cancer Patients

Haley Wolff, Contributor April 12, 2023

In collaboration between the Cancer Care Foundation MN and Professor Lucy Dunne’s technical design studio class, a comfortable garment was created for babies who are undergoing cancer treatment here...

Emma Carpenter Feature

Emma Carpenter Feature

Austin Lentz, Editor February 22, 2023

For many around the world, golf is a game of relaxation, a place to clear your mind. All while trying to hack around a ball, while your friends make fun of your swing, as you shank it onto another fairway. Others...

Hamline Attacks Academic Freedom: Backtracks in Midst of Massive Lawsuit

Luke Rexing, Contributor January 25, 2023

  Over the beginning weeks of the new year there has been a growing amount of controversy surrounding a Hamline University incident that took place in the final weeks of 2022. An art and history...

Terror on the Town: Halloweekend Edition

Luke Rexing, Contributor November 2, 2022

The attacks started the night of Thursday the 28th of October. A group of unknown young men loitered around the campus streets with mortars ready to blow. They started at Chi Psi, aka Lodge, and tossed...

A Medical Oath: For Science or Social Justice?

Luke Rexing, Contributor October 19, 2022

Academia has recently become a breeding ground for activist types and woke ideology. Here at the U of M, it has been no different. Class of 2025 and 2026 University of Minnesota medical students have taken...

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