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Stonks Christmas Edition

Stonks Christmas Edition

Tuanon, Contributor December 7, 2022

Welcome back, it's been a while. In this week’s column, I will be straying away from my normal stock-picking activities and instead putting a holiday spin on things by finding some hot Christmas stock...

Semi Transparent Viruses

New U of M Study Finds Breakthrough in Fighting COVID

Charlie Rapheal, Editor April 7, 2022

A recent study done by the University of Minnesota (U of M) found that college classrooms are actually the most likely and dangerous places to catch COVID-19. The study stated that the overwhelming majority...

Proper Pronouns, Please

Proper Pronouns, Please

Matthew Selman, Contributor March 2, 2022

The University of Minnesota will be releasing a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence service nicknamed "PPP." This development is the first stage in a groundbreaking study to identify students who...

Winter Life Hacks From a Minnesotan

Winter Life Hacks From a Minnesotan

Austin Lentz, Contributor December 15, 2021

As Christmas cheer sweeps across the nation we call the United States, so also comes the cold weather.  As a born and bred Minnesotan who has also spent a winter in North Dakota, I would like to think...

The Most Egregious of Violations

The Most Egregious of Violations

Avery Heinen December 10, 2020

Many Democratic politicians have been coming under fire recently for bucking the restrictions they put in place to protect their constituents. Many have pointed to the actions of their Republican colleagues,...


TikTok to acquire Onlyfans in preteen thirst market shakeup

Addison Scufsa, A&E Editor October 23, 2020

Tiktok announced they are acquiring the app Onlyfans next month in a huge shakeup at the top of trending apps in 2020. Tiktok is in talks of being bought themselves, but it seems they went ahead and acquired...

“My body, my choice” Expo adds necrophilia panel after popular demand

“My body, my choice” Expo adds necrophilia panel after popular demand

Addison Scufsa, A&E Editor October 7, 2020

Attendees of the “My Body, My Choice” Conference (MBMCC) are excitedly taking to Twitter after the surprise addition of a necrophilia panel and Q&A session to next month’s event. The blockbuster...

Students face further changes as pandemic fears spike

Students face further changes as pandemic fears spike

Avery Heinen, Contributor September 23, 2020

Unfortunately for the students at the University of Minnesota, there has been some changes made to the University’s Maroon and Gold Sunrise plan. Doug Douglason, a future member of the Board of Directors...

The deep state. Shes on it.

The deep state. She’s on it.

Timothy Wilmot, Content Editor March 6, 2020

It is common knowledge that the government the world sees is merely a pawn on the chessboard of the deep state. This is a cause for alarm for most of the population, but after my interview with an attendant...

Missouri Civil War reenactors praised for commitment to authenticity

Addison Scufsa, A&E Editor November 24, 2019

A large group of individuals from Missouri recently received an “award of authenticity” from the Smithsonian Institute for their commitment and excellence in the growing field of Civil War reenactment....

Green Line KOA Shortens Business Hours

Timothy Wilmot, Editor September 30, 2019

In 2014, Metro Transit opened the first moving KOA campground connecting St Paul and Minneapolis. Originally named the Central Corridor, we now know it as the Metro Green Line, and it offers transportation...

A personal statement on the need to rename the union

Nathan Harman, Contributor September 17, 2019

Facts can be evil. If evil facts are public and notable, then they are even more evil. Historical anti-Semitism on our campus has no right to be known privately. I believe that no student has any business...

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