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The most expensive NFT ever sold ($580 million).

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT): The Future of Art

Murphy Eggers, Contributor December 3, 2021

The biggest innovation in finance over the past year has been the emergence of Non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens or NFTs can be anything digital from art pieces to trading cards.  NFTs use the...

LineLeap: The University’s Greatest Asset

Arthur Graham, Contributor December 1, 2021

As most people know one of the largest aspects of the social life at The University of Minnesota include the nightlife, and for most upperclassmen a large part of that experience includes going out to...

2021 IPOs to Watch: Rivian, Backblaze, and more

2021 IPOs to Watch: Rivian, Backblaze, and more

Jace Goudreau, Editor November 15, 2021

Since the end of the pandemic many companies have been eager to go public in order to cash in on one of the most overvalued markets we have ever seen. With all the uneducated “wall street apes” buying...

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Growing Concern of Persistent Inflation

John Quinlan, Contributor October 29, 2021

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many changes in the US economy. Many have fallen upon financial hardship, and there is a large concern for growing inflation and the weakening purchasing...

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