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With Pitino potentially on his way out, who’s ready for the hot seat?

Ethan Olson, Onboarding Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2021

A less than impressive season has come to a close for Golden Gopher basketball, and many fans are calling coach Richard Pitino into question. Although Pitino is still under contract through the 2023-24...

Mercury wooden thermometer stuck on snow shows very low temperatures. Temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. Cold winter weather. Twenty degrees under zero during the day.

Wind Turbines Work Well, Until They Freeze

Max Fagan, Contributor February 25, 2021

As 2021 is off to somewhat of a better start than 2020, the one thing that has been anything but normal has been the weather. The enormous mass of a cold front that originated in Siberia blew through the...

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Minnesota women’s volleyball enters top-five in NCAA rankings

Alyssa Abke, Contributor February 25, 2021

Any student on the University of Minnesota campus will go and tell you that they are a hockey school with our track record and icy cold temperatures, but what most students forget is that the Golden Gophers...

University of Minnesota approves new free tuition program for all campuses

University of Minnesota approves new free tuition program for all campuses

Kevin Dreyer, Contributor February 24, 2021

On Feb. 12, the University of Minnesota Board of Regents voted unanimously to approve a free tuition program for students whose families earn $50,000 per year or less. The program is planned to be in...

March Madness tournament build up - Do the Gophers make the cut?

March Madness tournament build up – Do the Gophers make the cut?

Ethan Olson, Onboarding Editor in Chief February 24, 2021

With just a handful of games remaining in the Big Ten basketball regular season, heads are turning towards the impending March Madness tournament but for the Golden Gophers, making the tournament might...

Minnesotas Hmong and Somali Communities Explained

Minnesota’s Hmong and Somali Communities Explained

Jaden Welborn, Author January 27, 2021

When we think of diverse areas, we likely think of places like LA or New York City,3 which are up to 15 times more populated than Minneapolis: my home city. Minneapolis generally flies below that radar...

International students in America

International students in America

Jack Radomski, Contributor December 9, 2020

The number of new international students enrolling in American schools is dropping. The drop in enrollment for international students has happened over the past few years, but worsened significantly starting...

Minnesota Governor Targets College Students With Harsh New Restrictions

Minnesota Governor Targets College Students With Harsh New Restrictions

Max Fagan, Contributor November 19, 2020

Governor Walz has come out to speak twice now in the month of November, trying to explain that now that winter is coming and the temperatures are dropping, our cases seem to be rising again. He said the...

Professors During the Pandemic

Professors During the Pandemic

Jack Radomski, Contributor November 4, 2020
Online class introduces new obstacles for professors to overcome in their quest to give their students a viable educational experience.

Big Ten Football playing through Covid-19

Jacob Gregor, Contributor November 4, 2020

It was a really great sight to see Big Ten Football starting back up this college football season. Although it does not quite feel the same, seeing the Maroon and Gold taking the field representing...

Why Dont They Just Eat Cake?

Why Don’t They Just Eat Cake?

COVID-19 has Vindicated the Academic Elite
Avery Heinen, Staff Writer October 8, 2020

For centuries, higher education was an option only for the select few and the university was an elitist institution. However, in modern times, the disparity in the enrollment of diverse students has been...

Greek Life Amongst a Global Pandemic

Greek Life Amongst a Global Pandemic

Drew Pellin, Contributor September 25, 2020

College campuses across the country are suffering from coronavirus outbreaks. Most colleges have switched their courses to a hybrid format that requires the majority of the classwork to be administered...

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