Lefty Lives Matter

Hands pointing in accusation , isolated on white

Hands pointing in accusation , isolated on white

David Blondin

The University of Minnesota is a system that prides itself on beinginclusive and open-minded but is time for the University to take a larger role in being a bastion of social justice in the land of 10,000 lakes. Right now, there is a significant portion of students that are being systematically marginalized. We form about ten percent of the student population and yet we are reminded each day of what society sees as a flaw.

I am talking about being left-handed. For years lefties have been systematically put down in a right handed world. Walk into any classroom and how many left-handed desks do you see? Maybe four on a good day, the average is closer to two in Blegen. This is an isolating feeling. A feeling as if we don’t belong. Even though we make up only about ten percent of the population the University needs to require each room to have fifteen left-handed desks per classroom. Sometimes there are more of us concentrated in certain classes and for the University to not provide the resources to create an inclusive learning environment is a travesty to its mission. We will no longer be segregated into awkward corners of the room by the kids that smell weird. We will finally be able to sit near our friends and fellow lefties. We do not care about facts, we only care about the feelings of our fellow lefties, and leftie allies.

For years our people have been told to change our ways to conform to society. Ask any alum of a catholic school and they can tell you the horror stories of women in white and black, bruising their knuckles. Left-handedness isn’t just a biological dominance of muscles, it is our identity, and any disagreement is a bigoted opinion. As a lefty with access to the media, I am an obvious voice for the community. As the voice for the community, I am demanding that President Kaler and Danita Brown-Young provide a space for our community in Coffman Memorial Union. A safe space where we can be accepted for who we are and don’t have to deal with any criticisms, whether they are rational or not. In a few years, we can eventually get special left handed focused housing that isn’t controlled by the right-handed system of oppression.

I also encourage you, my fellow students, to be socially conscious in your interactions with your left handed friends. You don’t know what the oppression they face every day and don’t ever expect a marginalized person to explain themselves. Be an ally.