Pissed off Patriot: 12-02

Pissed Off Patriot

Kate Steinle is dead and I blame our politicians. On July 1st, 2015, Kate was walking along the pier in San Francisco with her father when she was shot by illegal alien Jose Inez Garcia Zarate.  Zarate supposedly found the gun near a bench he was sitting at in the area.  He originally said he was shooting at a sea lion. Later, he changed his story, blaming the murder on an accidental ricochet. This week, Zarate was found not guilty of murder, manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon but was found guilty of possessing a firearm as a felon.

This despicable human would have never been free, but for San Francisco’s insane sanctuary city policy. The feds asked the sheriff to continue to detain Zarate, and he rejected their request.  This sheriff clearly does not care about San Francisco or the safety its citizens.  He only cares about promoting a leftist agenda, which is why he refused to detain an illegal with seven felony convictions.  Illegals flock to these sanctuaries because they know there is no threat of deportation or accountability which leads to innocents being murdered, assaulted and raped.  

The main purpose of government is to preserve the safety and security of the citizenry, especially from foreign intrusion, and this case demonstrates the absolute failure of both parties at every level of government.  The marxist Democrats, along with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other fake conservative politicians have consistently lied about the reality of illegal immigration.  These people have no issue with open borders and do not care what it does to everyday Americans who pay the price for this insanity. 

The biggest lie that these people tell consistently is that the border is secure. Zarate was deported five times before he murdered Kate Steinle, meaning he entered this country illegally at least six times.  If our border was secure, then Kate Steinle would be preparing to spend Christmas with her family like the rest of us. Instead, Kate is dead.

We need a big beautiful wall on the border and we need to give ICE and border patrol agents all the resources they need  to secure our Swiss cheese border.  Mexico is the most dangerous country in the western hemisphere and it is unthinkable to just let anyone prance in here but that has been the case for the last few decades. 

As per Ted Cruz’s suggestion, we can have El Chapo start paying for the wall.  We can also start crowd funding with a buy a brick campaign.  Then Congress can appropriate funds for the rest of the costs.  We also must remember that these costs dwarf the annual cost of illegal immigration on tax payers.  We need to get these votes on record and vote out all the people that do not care about ending this anarchy on the border. 

In addition to a wall, we need mandatory e-verify and need to prevent illegals from exploiting social welfare programs that are set up for Americans.  With no financial benefit to remaining in the US,  most illegals will just go back the way they got here.   

We can no longer afford the cost, both human and economic, of our broken immigration system. We the people need to stand up and vote out all the lying swamp monsters that do not care if the best country on earth is destroyed.  Otherwise, there will never be justice for Kate Steinle, and murders like this will become more and more common.