MinnesoTap, Other Campus Artists Participate in Campus “Push 4 Art” Day



Push for Art is a twice a yearevent, occurring once each spring and fall semester, at the University of Minnesota (UMN). Put on by The University Collaborative Ambassadors for Northrop (otherwise known as U-CAN), this year’s Push for Art was held on April 5.

Any student group, individual, pair, or class is able to be a part of the Push for Art day. Its purpose is to create a campus-wide passion and interest for the arts by allowing artiststo share their talents with the rest of the students, faculty, and anyone else passing by. Student performers are scattered across campus and camouflaged into normal day activities, such as walking the Washington Avenue Bridge or sitting on steps near a sign that says “Push 4 Art!”. Those individuals passing by are able to push the button, and a form of art will be displayed.

Available art forms at this event can include any kind of artistry,but most commonly involve painting, dancing, acting, singing, or various other types of music creation.

MinnesoTap, a student-run tap dance organization on campus, participated this semester outside of Bruininks Hall. After passerby students pushed MinnesoTap’s button, a buzzing noise sounded and the tap group emerged from “hiding” to perform 30 seconds of a self-choreographed piece. Audience participants received bagsto publicize the day; inside of the bags, participants found a Northrop cup, stickers, and a brochure that advertisedWorld Art Day and Black Violin events coming soon to the UMN, both on April 14.

Most passersby would responded with admiration after the MinnesoTap performance concluded. Some stayed for a few rounds of the dance,leading the group to switch-up songs and performers. One member of MinnesoTap, Megan Olson, even decided to tap along in her street shoes to join in the dance.

Jazlyn Gramer, a senior in MinnesoTap, participated in Push for Art this year for her final time. Gramer has danced with the group for four years and spent her final year as its president.

” I enjoy Push for Art day because it brings all of the different forms of art together for students. Most people think of art as just painting, but it is more than that. Art is everything,” Gramer toldtheMinnesota Republic.