Netanyahu’s victory triggers sad response from American left



On March 17, throughout a substantial portion of the day, media outlets had their attention focused on an election that has been the subject of massive controversy throughout D.C. However, this election was not held on American soil, and its results would not affect any direct American governance. This election was that of a country that is about the area of New Jersey and with a population of a bit more than 8 million. No, this country does not have any oil. No, none of the major candidates were communists and in fact both consistently praised the United States for being its standard of liberty. The election was of course in Israel- one of America’s closest allies.

This was unique because it is hard to think of any foreign election in recent memory where different American lobbies and government organizations so closely followed and openly meddled with the election. Ever since the Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of both houses of congress received a total of 25 standing ovations from both sides of the isle, Obama has openly condemned the prime minister for accepting John Boehner’s invitation to come to congress. Moreover, after major support from liberals on campus organizations such as J Street, the State Department gave organizations that openly support the Israeli left such as the “New Israel Fund”” amounts totaling over 1 million dollars, according to the Daily Caller.

At this point, we have all witnessed the president use his executive power to support the left, but the case of the Israeli election has to be a new territory. He is openly going against the wishes of congress to oppose a leader with American roots that was educated in an American high school and universities.

What was even more shocking, however, was Obama’s response to the election. After all the polls predicting a victory for the Israeli left, the more right-winged Netanyahu’s Likud party won the election in a very convincing manner. Since then, then White House Chief of staff, Dennis McDonough, has openly condemned the Netanyahu at the J-Street peace conference while Barack Obama seemed to have forgot to give our ally’s leader a congratulatory phone call. Clearly, going after the right in our country was not enough- we are now openly trying to prevent our allies from having conservative rule.