New Prague School Shooter Hoax



The first day of spring occurred on Wednesday March 20, and many people were most likely looking forward to whatever the season had in store for them. However, the town of New Prague, Minnesota had a rather unnerving experience at roughly 8 am that day. The cause was a 911 call to the local police chief claiming that there was a shooter in a school building, a story that was later discovered to be completely made up. The 12 year old boy who is believed to have been the source of the phone call was arrested.

The phone call began with a person who claimed to be inside the building reporting a man with an AK-47 walking around. Even worse, the caller claimed that the man already had two victims. When the dispatcher asked the caller for his cell phone number, the caller claimed that he did not know his number because the phone was a new phone.

Police Chief Mark Vosejpka said that it was quickly determined that nobody was hurt and that this whole scenario was made up. This discovery was obvious to officials upon entering the building. Following that realization, police and deputies immediately turned the focus to finding the boy who made the call. Vosejpka said that two false 911 calls claiming there were two victims were traced to one cell phone inside of the building, which is likely what led officers to suspect the 12 year old boy who they arrested.

The middle school, high school, and Central Education Campus Buildings were put on lockdown that morning following the call. The middle school and high school combined housed roughly 2,000 students, all of whom were dismissed from their classes by late in that morning. Parents who were rushing to the scene were redirected to a local church that was nearby.

New Prague is a city of 7,400 people, and is roughly 45 miles outside of Minneapolis. Surprisingly, this call came only two months after a bomb threat that closed schools in that district was determined to be a hoax. The student of that threat was expelled.