Beware These Holiday Dangers

Christmas and birthdays have one thing in common besides the receiving of gifts: people crawling out of the woodwork to wish you well, despite not caring about you the other 364 days of the year. Beware of these types this holiday season. At the lowest end of the scale they’re annoying and phony, and at the most extreme end they can be downright dangerous.

Your mailbox is the first place this danger can manifest itself. In addition to receiving the standard “love and blessings” from that aunt and uncle you never hear from, you might receive Christmas cards from people you’ve rejected. No matter how clear you make it to someone that you’re not interested and nothing will ever happen between you two, they might be under the desperate impression that the “spirit of Christmas” will compel you to give them another chance. Christmas is the season of giving, but your charity doesn’t need to extend to the dating scene.

YouTuber Emily Wilson warned women about a similar lurking evil when she tweeted, “You may start receiving those “Hey beautiful what’s up” texts/snapchats from guys out of the blue who are lonely and looking to use you for a Christmas fling. Don’t FALL FOR IT, y’all.”

Nevermind the tradition of wild New Year’s parties and hookups; apparently the hunt begins earlier than previously thought. If a man isn’t satisfied with the socks he received, or his family is driving him batty, he may be adding you to his Christmas wish list.

If you plan on attending any Christmas or New Year’s parties, make sure you take the necessary precautions. Bundle up in an ugly sweater to deflect the attention of men who are on the holiday prowl. The season will be over in no time, and you can return to being blissfully ignored.