Government Cannot Protect us but Individuals can

Pissed Off Patriot

As all non-stupid people know, government sucks at everything. Even though this a widely known fact, everyone seems to look to the government to solve their problems or to give them more opportunity to suck at something.  

The government’s incompetence has come to light recently when the FBI failed to follow up on a tip about Nikolas Jacob Cruz. Cruz shot up a Florida high school and left 17 people dead and 14 more injured. This was another despicable tragedy caused by an evil wacko. 

In January, the FBI was told by an individual close to Cruz that he owned guns and had a desire to kill people. The national FBI tip center never gave this info to the Miami Bureau as protocol required. This tip came only 4 months after a tip from a YouTuber who saw a comment from Cruz on one of his videos. Cruz commented, “I want to become a professional school shooter.

These are two clear messages that the FBI needed to seriously investigate this person, and even with two tips, nothing was done. So the government agency that was at one point the best investigative agency in the world failed us miserably, and 17 people are dead.  

After this tragedy, in comes the leftist media cartel to exploit the shooting to get their precious authoritarian gun control passed. The radical authoritarian left i.e. the Democrat Party always loves this fresh momentum in the fight to take away the right to self-defense from everyday law abiding Americans.

Gun control is giving the government that failed us more power and responsibility for our safety. Individuals and local organizations saw something and said something as they are told to do by every moronic governmental official after every tragedy. Then the feds are supposed to follow up and do something, but they did not. Why would we ask these inept idiots to have more responsibility over our safety? 

Leftists do not really care if their narrative makes sense or is rational. Rationality was never part of their agenda. If it was, they would not be leftists. This is why most of their proposals would not have prevented these mass shootings but we need to pass them anyway. 

The people who should be given more power are the individuals and locals who actually knew what was going on rather than the federal government, who would take away the rights of law abiding citizens. Law abiding people follow gun control laws, not criminals. Gun laws should go after criminals rather than restrict the rights of good people. 

Project Exile was a very effective strategy used in Virginia in the 1990s that put extremely harsh sentencing in place for felons carrying firearms or anyone in the possession of an illegal firearm. This would give more power to local authorities to get dangerous people off their streets. Local authorities are more responsive to local residents and are more aware of what is going on in local communities. 

As David French has suggested, another possibility is a gun-violence restraining order. This would enable family members and others living with troubled people to ask a court to suspend an individual’s right to have a firearm. This includes due process and could actually prevent domestic violence situations or situations like Parkland where someone close to him was concerned about his gun ownership. 

These possibilities could actually prevent tragedies rather than whatever leftist fascist garbage CNN is trying to sell today.