Pissed Off Patriot: Destroying the Left

Pissed Off Patriot

I have thoroughly established that the hard Left of this country is an evil cancer that destroys everything. So now the question is, what is the best treatment plan?

The best way to destroy the Left is having honest discussions about politics and ideas. Leftist ideas suck. If the United States were ruled by the editorial board of Buzzfeed, the country would suck because their ideas suck. As many have said in the past, the best sanitizer for bad ideas is sunlight. That’s why the left polices speech and does not let people talk about anything else that derails the leftist narrative. 

Kanye has done a beautiful job this week shattering norms and asking questions. He even brought up that Chicago is the same after 8 years of an Obama presidency. Chance the Rapper jumped in and said, “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”  

Leftists freaked out over these comments and suggested Kanye was severely mentally ill and an Uncle Tom. I do not blame the left for being such spastic pathetic liars over these comments because they cannot afford an honest conversation. If people start questioning the premises of the left, leftism falls apart. As Kanye started to get at, you cannot blame Trump for the problems in cities like Chicago because they are all run by democrats. So why should blacks just line up for a party who has completely failed them.

Leftists expect everyone to believe that the Right is riddled with racists and the only people who care about minorities are democrats. Conservatives constantly have to defend themselves after being called racist. As Kanye brought to light this week, blacks are attacked and have to defend their positions when they say anything undermining their leftist overlords. Black democrats never have to defend their positions because they fall in the boxes of the left. These are all premises or boxes that the left puts forth for everyone and we must reject them to destroy the left. 

Conservatives and libertarians must also constantly advocate for individualism rather than pandering to the cancerous social justice of the left. Social justice ignores the individual’s character, ideas, and experiences and judges everyone based on their identity groups. Individualism ignores a person’s identity groups and judges people based on their ideas, character and experiences. Yet the leftist media cartel asserts that conservatives are violent racists and the social justice freaks are fighting the good fight. 

These premises and boxes from the left are all over politics. All we have to do is start asking the left real questions about their policies. Why are the rich inherently evil and the poor inherently innocent? Why is asking immigrants to assimilate racist?  How does third wave feminism help women? Why is intellectual diversity never mentioned in discussions about diversity? These are all conversations that left and media make sure we do not have because they would take out the pillars of leftism. 

All this may seem rather simple, but conservatives continue to lose this culture war. The Right and libertarians are so incompetent that I have to explain that each person should be treated like an individual rather than a member of a racial group. Kanye is attacked for believing that a person has the right to believe what they want to believe.  We have let things get so out of control that going back to speaking honestly about political ideas will change things drastically.

Right now, we are losing to a bunch of gender studies majors, CNN, Everyday Feminism, Trigglypuff and whole bunch of other annoying people that no one likes. This is also the group who cant seem to decide whether communism is a good idea or not.  If we cannot stand up for sanity and individualism, then we deserve the leftist fascist utopian hellhole that we are headed for.