Pissed Off Patriot: The Paradoxical Left



Pissed Off Patriot

The political left still fails to make sense, and their following baffles me. Aside from the left’s support of economic policies that have a body countof 100 million people, and the suffering of countless more. The narratives are more important to them, it is a pitiful attempt at grabbing our emotions. Many of these hypotheticals, or half-baked social theories, are completely paradoxical and totally incoherent. What do you expect from the group that’s trying to undermine and ultimately destroy the best country on earth?

After the Las Vegas shooting, the left has led coordinated campaigns to exploit the hearts of the American people to pass gun control measures. The left yearns for a world without a Second Amendment so guns can be kept in the hands of government authorities like the police. At the same time, we have been told over the past few years by Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups that police are actively hunting down young black men. We can discuss these current issues, but these coinciding arguments are counterintuitive. You can either support the monopoly of firearms by the state, so they can be used against its inhabitants, or you can support an armed populace who can fight back.

The left also does not understand the original purpose of the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms was put in the Bill of Rights to give citizens the power to fight against government tyranny. We are a nation that emerged from the flame of rebellion. Part of the American spirit is the ability to throw off the yoke of a despot through our own means. Every day for the past two years, we have heard Trump-Hitler comparisons from everyone between the looney bin leftists on Twitter to the clowns in the mainstream media. Leftists say the threat of government tyranny is irrational, but according to them, Adolf currently has the codes to the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world. The same people screaming about fascism in the streets wouldn’t be able to overthrow this tyrant if they tried.

Leftists also expect us to believe all the myths they spew surrounding the pay gap. The main wage gap narrative is that women are paid 79 cents on the dollar that men are paid. They believe this is because America is a sexist system rigged against women rather than the personal decisions men and women tend to make. This premise is quite hard to believe since on average, men work more hours than women, and men dominate the highest paid majors and women dominate the lowest paid. Apparently, the logic of supply and demand doesn’t make sense. It is more difficult to be a construction worker than a waitress. One must lift heavy things, the other does not. You cannot expect a factory worker in a car plant, who handles thousands on thousands of dollars worth of equipment, to make the same as the attendance lady at an elementary school. The left also points out that disparity increases when you compare women of color, who make even less than white women, to men.

This idiotic narrative can be contrasted with the story of average income in the Asian community, which is of color if you didn’t already know. An Asian-American household makes, on average, 11,000 dollars more per year than a white American household. If we use the same logic that leftists use when they lie about the gender pay gap, then we would say that the system is rigged in favor of Asian Americans. Asian American communities put a high emphasis on education, particularly in the science and engineering fields. According to leftists, income is not tied to personal decisions but is just an outcome of a rigged system. Again, this is completely paradoxical. The narratives of victimhood are not malleable to cause and effect logic.
There are plenty of weird obsessions the left tries to peddle. In a culture of fake news, it is impossible to tell the difference between Saturday Night Live and Andersen Cooper’s programming. Leftists say President Trump is an incompetent idiot who cannot do anything right, but at the same time, he is also a mastermind that colluded with Russia to steal the election for the most powerful job in the world. Leftists also say we should never assume the identity of another person, but, then when a terrorist directly says he is a Muslim and that his religion directly inspired him, he is not really a Muslim, according to the left. Leftists also say that anyone who supports border security is a white supremacist, but Senators Obama and Clinton voted for a border fence in 2006.

The leftists have bad ideas to start with and as we confirmed this week, they have no competent leadership to fall back on.