Cruz Captivates CPAC

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Madison Dibble

Ted Cruz conquered the CPAC stage and the crowd of conservatives were eating out of his hand from his opening line of “God Bless CPAC,” shortly after it was announced that his competitor Donald Trump would be skipping his CPAC appearance scheduled for the next day.

“I think someone told him Megyn Kelly was going to be here. Or even worse he was told conservatives were going to be here. Or even worse he was told young people would be here.”

Cruz hit all of his domestic issues early on laying out his plans to abolish the IRS, repeal and replace Obamacare, and solving our immigration crisis.

Internationally, Cruz promised to untie our troop’s hands of political correctness and to boost military morale.

“We are going to unleash incredible economic growth and rebuild the military,” Cruz said.

Unlike Trump, Cruz also promised that he would defend and support Israel.

“As president, I have no intention to be neutral,” Cruz said.

Beyond a quick “Trump” chant that was quickly booed down, Cruz captivated a room that was filled with supporters from every campaign.

After his speech, Cruz was joined on stage by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Hannity brought a range of questions to the stage including Mitt Romney’s speech to the Republican Party’s ability to take a joke.

Cruz claimed that he can relate to Romney’s concerns, but he does not believe in a brokered convention.

“The concern Mitt’s expressing is a concern all across the country,” Cruz said, “But anytime you hear someone talking about a brokered convention, it is the Washington establishment. If you want to beat Donald Trump, you beat Donald Trump with the voters.”

Hannity also asked Cruz’s legal opinion on Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation. “I think it is an ominous development for Hillary Clinton. We have never had a general election debate convened in Leavenworth.”

As the field narrows, Hannity asked if Cruz would welcome any of his competitors in his cabinet.

“Every name listed is a natural to be in the cabinet when I win the election,” Cruz said.

In a more shocking turn of events, Cruz stated that he agrees with Bernie Sanders on government corruption, but there is one difference.

“If the problem is that government is corrupt, then the answer ain’tto have a lot more government,” Cruz said.

Cruz earned a lot of support in on the CPAC stage and he will carry that forward to the upcoming primary elections.