Marco Rubio for the Win

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Official Portrait

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Just short of 30 years after Ronald Reagan—perhaps the greatest conservative president of all time—served his last day in office as the President of the United States, a Florida Senator whom many Americans compare to Reagan is running for president.

Marco Rubio’s unique views on various important issues make him the best candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Rubio still has a shot at the nomination; at the time of writing, polls rank him third amongst Republican candidates, just behind Senator Ted Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump.

Unlike Senator Cruz, Rubio balances his conservative beliefs with moderate understanding. Both Cruz and Rubio believe marriage is between a man and a woman; however, while Cruz wants to nullify the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling in most states, Rubio has acknowledged that the ruling itself must be respected. Rubio’s understanding on some liberal viewpoints despite his conservative ideology make him a candidate who may actually secure a GOP win against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Rubio says abortion is far too common, insisting it be banned at 20 weeks. A pro-life ideology is important to conservatives, and Rubio has that and wants to do something about the significant problem of abortions. Simultaneously, Rubio’s set limitation not only makes for the potential saving of millions of unborn babies but also gives warning to how long couples have before they deem a pregnancy “inconvenient.” Rubio’s time frame on abortions makes it hard to argue that he wants to deprive women of “the right to choose,” and he has mentioned the possibility of allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest, which may, again, help the GOP to obtain votes from the left.

Marco Rubio wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act while keeping health insurance accessible to Americans via tax credits. By using tax credits, Rubio’s proposal helps less fortunate Americans to obtain health care while fixing other problems Obamacare presents, like additional taxes on small businesses and excessive spending.

Although Donald Trump and Ted Cruz currently lead in Republican polls, Rubio’s charisma, rhetoric, and conservatism make him the best choice for the GOP nomination. If Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination, which is likely, her campaign will probably continue to use her name and gender to propel her forward in an age of millennial feminists and easily manipulated Americans. Unless the GOP nominee can at least partially identify with the left while spreading a necessary conservative ideology, Republicans maylose to Democrats again in November.

Politicians and citizens of the United States often call Ronald Reagan a role model, inspiration, and one of the greatest presidents the nation has ever known. Various news sites have compared Rubio to Reagan due to Rubio’ssimilar standpoints and optimism. Because of his Reaganistic beliefs and diverse talking points, United States citizens should support and vote Rubio for a Republican win.