Deport California

Pissed Off Patriot

California should be deported. Leftists have had complete control of the state for a couple of  decades, and they have turned one of the country’s most promising and beautiful states into a third-world hell hole. The state government and local mayors are so busy fighting for cultural Marxism and the citizens of other countries that they do not even bother pretending to care about the legal citizens of their own state.  

Average politicians, let alone the idiot leftists Californians elect, are far too stupid to run a state as big as California. Shifting power to local precincts would be a far better approach than centralizing power to the stupid people at the state level. This more practical plan will never happen in California since it is a more conservative approach than their current set up. As we all know, if you are in California and know how to spell “conservative,” you are Hitler.

The big change that screwed California forever was the 1986 amnesty package and a complete disregard for the borders and sovereignty of the United States. This flooded the state with voters for Democrats, further securing complete leftist control at every level of the state. 

These leftist Democrats have set up the state to be a total sanctuary for illegals. The state does not even have an issue with illegal alien felons and gang members like the gentleman who killed an actual constituent of Jerry Brown, Kate Steinle.  

Federal agents and ICE officials sweep through communities, picking up as many of these criminals as possible. These difficult missions become nearly impossible in California where mayors warn local illegals of law enforcement squads coming through. A rational person would think this is just some rogue leftist mayor, but then the lieutenant governor of California comes out to praise the insane actions

This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit against California to stop their unconstitutional practices of impeding the feds from enforcing immigration law. In response, Jerry Brown said that this was basically an act of war against the state. I have no doubt that the state will fight this lawsuit until the very end to ensure that they can continue harboring illegals and ignoring the sovereignty of this country. 

While this fight is going on, the standard of living, homelessness and poverty situation is out of control all over the state. The state was just ranked as the worst state for quality of life. Local cities have set up programs so generous that they attract the impoverished from other areas to come to their city. Leave it to California to essentially incentivize homelessness. 

Most concerning as a non Californian, the state and local government unfunded pension liability is about 250 billion dollars. So not only does the best country on earth have to associate itself with California, but it may have to bail them out someday. All these issues, and Jerry Brown keeps fighting for illegals while ignoring the hell hole that he has created. 

As an American, I accept that I have to subsidize the health care and lifestyle costs of coke heads, heroin addicts and other worthless losers in states like California through all the bloated social programs we have set up. The only request I have in return is that I do not trip over their heroin needles on my walk to work. I think that’s a reasonable, give and take, but Jerry Brown has created a state that can no longer satisfy such a request.  

They are clearly on a broader leftist mission than having a decent standard of living for citizens of their own state. I think their mission would be best served if it was pursued independently from the United States, so I support a path to Californian deportation.