Starbucks Outrage is Misplaced

Nathan Bixby


An incident at a Starbucks in Philadelphia has proven once again that the leftist mob of fake outrage has no bounds. The incident occurred a few weeks ago, on April 12th, when two African American men came into a Starbucks for a business meeting. The men claim that, upon entry, they asked to use the store bathroom. An employee at the store denied their request and did not allow them to use the bathroom, citing that it was against their store policy to allow someone to use their bathroom without purchasing anything. 

Now, this is not the first case of Starbucks enforcing this policy and having it leak into the news. In fact, there was an instance in 2015 where a policeman went into a Starbucks in Philadelphia and was not allowed access to the bathroom. Interestingly, this situation only gained traction in the local media since it did not fit the leftist narrative of discrimination. It is important to note, however, that Starbucks has every right to deny someone entry into their bathroom since it is a private business. 

After being denied entry to the bathroom, the two men sat down at a table and waited for their meeting to take place. Again, they were asked by the same employee to purchase something or leave the store. According to Richard Ross, Philadelphia’s chief of police, the two men were warned that the police would be called if they did not leave the coffee shop. The men replied, “Go ahead, call the police. We don’t care.” Upon police arrival, the men were handcuffed and forced to leave the establishment. No charges were made against them. 

As news spread of the incident, many people immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was a clear case of racial bias against African Americans. Outrage ensued and boycotts against the store were organized over social media. Whether one believes this incident was racist or not, it seems ridiculous to boycott a company over an isolated incident. Kyle Smith of the National Review said it best, “1 out of 238,000 Starbucks employees somehow become the fault of the whole company. Starbucks as a corporation is comparable to a midsize city: larger than Richmond, Va. Would you boycott Richmond because one person there had committed murder, much less because one person there was shown to be a racist?” To reconcile their sins to the leftist mob of fake controversy, Starbucks vehemently apologized for the incident and even announced that they would be closing all stores nationwide on May 29th to undergo “racial bias” training for all employees.  Ironically, Starbucks employees are often stereotyped for being social justice warrior hippies, and now, these individuals must undergo racial bias training. True to the stereotype, according to the Dailywire, visitors of the store claim that the employee under fire for this incident is actually a social justice warrior feminist. If she could not avoid the leftist mob of outrage, who can? 

America has come to the point now where every isolated incident of potential discrimination must be considered a widespread issue. No longer do we just take an incident for what it is worth and criticize the individual who committed the wrongdoing. No, instead we decide that we must react with outrage and protest the system that may have caused this incident to occur. Alas, America has become a victim society where those part of the leftist hierarchy of victimhood eat themselves.