Deranged Dems need Help

Pissed Off Patriot

Democrats have no platform other than hating Trump. Their message solely consists of attacking everything the president and his allies support. The President has even trolled them into defending things that he himself hates. This derangement was on full display during the State of the Union, as Democrats sat flat in their seats no matter what President Trump said. 

One would think that the least deranged Democrats could have done would have been to stand up for the things that are universally regarded as good things for the country. Unfortunately, Democrats are not satisfied with any statement as long as Trump is the person delivering it. Even though Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, they could not bring themselves to clap for security on the southern border. Trump simply wants a wall to separate America from one of the most dangerous places on earth, but the deranged Democrats regard such an idea as toxic so they sat.

Democrats also refused to stand when Trump mentioned moving the US embassy in Israel to the capital, Jerusalem. This of course came after the Senate unanimously voted to reaffirm Jerusalem as the rightful capital. In addition, the deranged Democrats would not stand as Trump stated his plan to fight opioid abuse. The left also apparently didn’t like positive economic news. Bonuses for Americans, record low black unemployment, and millions of new jobs are obviously horrid pieces of news that only Hitler-like figures would clap for. 

It can be tough to stomach a political opponent’s success, but Democrats should at least agree to love and support the country that they were elected to serve. But evidently, this idea was too controversial and toxic for the deranged Democrats to support because they would not even affirm their support for the national anthem and the American flag. Trump supports and loves America, so the left refuses to associate with his deep patriotism.

What I gathered from the State of the Union is that Democrats apparently want open borders, hate Israel, love heroin overdose, love high black unemployment, hate bonuses and jobs for Americans, and hate America all because these are the opposite of what Trump believes. Dare I say it, if the deranged Democrats are going to be this pathetic they may as well bring back Hillary since she at least pretended to believe in something other than “I’ll have whatever he’s not having.” Democrats have put their hate for Trump above everything else including what is right for America. 

To anyone paying attention, it really is not a wonder why Trump’s approval is going up and Democrats are slipping drastically in the 2018 congressional races. Voters will go out and support candidates and parties because they believe that their lives will improve if they are in power. The deranged Democrats are pushing a radical far left platform that consists of cultural Marxism, socialist entitlement programs, and authoritarian government control. These concepts have very little appeal to rational people, but they are still powerful enough to con people into supporting them. 

After listening to the hysterical lies from the media and Democrats, Americans are realizing that the Trump Train is not as bad as they first thought. Things are actually going quite well in Trump’s America. If Democrats do not get the psychological help they clearly need then it’s going to be a long 7 years for leftists in America.