Classes Still on for Students in Canada goose Jackets

 The current standard for cancelling Minnesota schools due to the cold were brought about by the polar vortex in 2015, during which classes were cancelled for extremely cold temperatures rather than the conventional “snow day.” The policy is that if the forecast for 6 A.M. calls for a wind-chill below -40° F or an air temperature below -25° F, schools must cancel classes. 

After the polar vortex that we just experienced however, the University of Minnesota has released a new policy for those very cold days. The policy states that while the University will cancel classes for most of its students when temperatures meet the state’s standards, those with Canada Goose jackets will still be required to attend class. 

This policy was aimed at the students from states other than Minnesota as an added piece of in-state tuition. The idea behind it is that people from Minnesota would not need to wear such warm jackets and are fine in a T-shirt and shorts regardless of subzero temperatures. This rule is to be coupled with the out-of-state tuition that those students already pay and will be another way to get more students from the state of Minnesota to attend school there and less students from other states. The board of regents decided in December 2018 to increase out-of-state-tuition fees by 15%, and they hope that this rule will further lower the number of students who come from states other than Minnesota.