Well on our way to Making America Great Again

Michael Ziebarth

President Trump has had a great start to making America great again and better than ever before. Conservatives finally have a leader who attacks the institutions that have attacked conservatives for decades. These institutions include the media, the Democrat Party, Hollywood, and Academia, all of whom aim to undermine his success and the agenda he was elected on. Despite this unprecedented opposition, President Trump has significant accomplishments in his first year in political office. 

President Trump has ended the anemic economic growth from the last administration. After 1.9 percent growth in 2016, GDP growth has surged above 3 percent and is on track to hit 4 percent in 2018.  This is a result of the dismantling of bureaucratic red tape and regulations. Trump has removed 22 regulations for every new one created.  Growth will be further accelerated with the GOP tax cuts that passed at the end of 2017.  Corporate earnings are also increasing which has spurred one of the most impressive years for the stock market ever. On main street, household income has also continued to increase.

The economy is on the up and up and that helps everyone.  As Trump as pointed out on Twitter, the US is at full employment, Black unemployment is at an all-time low and female unemployment is at the lowest point in 18 years.  Trump does not care who you are he wants you to have the chance to get rich like him. It is refreshing to have a pro-business president that celebrates success instead of demonizes it. As a result of this new thinking from the administration, Consumer confidence and small business optimism have skyrocketed under Trump. Overall, 69% of people believe the economy is in good shape, which has increased 12 points since Trump took over.  Getting 69% of people to agree on anything is undoubtedly his most impressive accomplishment in the first year. 

On a foreign policy front, President Trump has surprised many at his effectiveness on the world stage.  President Trump does not know a whole lot about military strategy so he has given autonomy back to the generals.  This has led to the military destruction of ISIS. Trump has also been a strong supporter of the state of Israel. He has also strengthened alliances with Sunni Muslim allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  This has created a loose alliance in the Middle East between Israel and Sunni Muslims against Iran. 

Trump also knows how to get under the skin of leaders that need to be kept in lines like Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Xi Jinping of China.  The mainstream will never understand but there is some strategy to Trump’s foreign policy jabs on Twitter.  Kim Jong Un hates to be ridiculed at and Trump exploits this as needed. He also knows China likes to carry out their evil activities under the radar and Trump will not hesitate to call them out publicly.  

Trump has also taken it to anti-American globalist entities that taxpayers ironically fund. He has cut funding to the United Nations and has called for other NATO nations to pay their fair share for NATO operations. 

Overall, on foreign policy President Trump has managed to keep enemies off balance and has struck blows to organizations that seek to undermine the US as a world power. Trump has kept us out of major conflicts but has not hesitated to flex the military muscles like dropping the MOAB in Afghanistan. This is right where most Americans want us to be.

Trump has also done great work preserving the constitution.  He appointed Neil Gorsuch and has had a record amount of appellate court judge nominations. He has also rescinded federal overreach over local lands in Utah, Nevada and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  He has also stood up to far left courts over the right for the executive branch to regulate who is allowed into the country.  

Trump has a lot of work left to do in his remaining years, especially in the immigration department, if he wants to retain legislative power in 2018 and get reelected in 2020. With that being said, Trump and America have a lot to be proud of in his first year in office.