Cut Spending Bigly

Pissed Off Patriot

Last week, Congress passed a 1.3 trillion dollar spending package filled with garbage that no one in their right mind would fund, but these idiots did anyway. I know I should not have expectations for politicians of any party, but this is beyond ridiculous. This free money party is going to end real soon, and it is going to a brutal wake-up call for everyone.

The national debt has now surpassed 21 trillion dollars. Tax revenue has never been higher, and Congress cannot seem to get spending levels anywhere close to matching current revenue levels. The Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security promises that have been promised to people are absolutely insane and unsustainable. It may seem heartless to say that we need to start restraining these ridiculous social programs, but pretty soon we won’t have another option. Our creditors will want their money back and we will have no option but to cut spending massively. These 3 programs are almost half the budget, and the majority of the cuts will have to come from them. 

The state level is not much better. States have overpromised pension benefits to employees for decades and spent way too much money on Medicaid health programs for the poor. They have to spend money to fund these areas, which leaves the funding for education and infrastructure on the back burner. If you live in one of the more suckish states like Michigan or Illinois, you are aware of this with the crazy tuition increases of state universities over the last decade. States take money out of university funding and dump it into pension funds and social programs. 

These problems all rooted in politicians doing whatever it takes to get reelected. Republicans get elected by running on tax cuts and small government. The problem is that they forget about the small government part when they actually assume power. People do not often vote to give up their own power. 

Also, these fake conservatives that call themselves Republicans have no strength to do the right thing when it is unpopular. The media destroys them for even thinking about cutting welfare, Medicaid, or Medicare. When there is any pushback at all with spending cuts, Republicans reveal how truly weak and pathetic they are. 

Leftists, on the other hand, have no selling point except giving away free stuff. It actually works really well. Leftists have no issue tripling the size of every social program whether there is money or not. The problem is that once you give people free stuff, it is near impossible to take that stuff away so a system of dependency is created. When the government gives people everything they start to look to government whenever a problem arises, further propelling the centralization of power. It is almost like this was the leftist plan all along. 

Overall, America needs a super majority of libertarians and conservatives in both houses that care more about America and her future than getting reelected. Leftists obviously cannot meet that requirement so it must come from libertarians and conservatives. I know caring about America is a radically foreign concept to anyone in government, but it is what America needs. We also need a 1 term president that is happy to gut both the federal government and entitlement programs. This president needs to make all the unpopular decisions that will have to eventually be made.

Another more viable option is a convention of states that add a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. No matter how we get there, the cuts have to be massive and merciless. There is not really anything to debate. Either we make the cuts ourself now, or be forced to so when the money runs out.