Obama’s faults in Iraq



The killing of American citizen James Foley has provoked an outrage from the American public, forcing the Obama administration to reconsider their actions against the ISIS organization.

Even after much frustration and incense of the incident, the Obama administration still remains adamant on their future military decisions in Iraq. Obama claims that he will be “relentless” against the ISIS forces, but did not take the action to fully destroy the group. It is fully clear by any democratic, developed nation that ISIS is raping, torturing, and beheading women children, and anyone who resists conversion to Islam. They will continue to until they occupy the entire Middle East. They will also not hesitate to capture and kill any American they find, giving us more reason to wipe out the radical group.

From a military standpoint, ISIS has captured the Mosul Dam, a pivotal move that could potentially enable the group to potentially cut off Baghdad’s water supply. There is no debate that lawmakers from both parties agree that ground troops are needed in order to fully defeat the enemy. Obama’s passive decisions to pull troops out of the country early has only defeated the many opportunities we had to wipe out the cancerous force of ISIS. His tactics of light bombing have actually made the situation worse by barely making a dent in its forces while only causing the conventional-like army to revert to Hamas tactics. This has only made it tougher to locate the armed militants and avoid civilian deaths. If the U.S military force had intervened in the multiple genocides, there may have been more than 300,000 lives saved, a greater victory than the “humanitarian” victory Obama declared during a press conference.

The next step for America is to fully commit to destroying, or at least containing, the enemy. If we just continue light bombing the ISIS forces will not be shaken and will continue to dominate the parts of the Middle East. By keeping the ground forces in Iraq and heavily supplying the Iraqi and Syrian armies with weapons, ISIS is a force that can definitely be reckoned with. We should also consider pulling out as many Americans out of the Iraq and Syria to prevent another James Foley incident from happening again. If they are not stopped, there will be far more Holocaust-like genocides across the Middle East. Their Islamic influence will spread to the point where they become so powerful that could potentially gain the ability to launch terrorist attacks in Western Europe and even America. We prevented future terrorist attacks after 9/11 by launching ground troops in Iraq. We need to continue this strength by maintaining this solid foundation of ground support in order to prevent more radical groups such as ISIS from reforming again.