Democratic Socialism: The recipe for an unsustainable future

The sickle and the hammer are the emblem of socialism

The sickle and the hammer are the emblem of socialism

Despite its disastrous nature and unrealistic themes, a political ideology known as democratic socialism is shaping the political landscape of the 2016 Presidential Election. As Bernie Sanders surges among the polls, so spreads his vision of a democratic socialist America.

The idea of democratic socialism presides upon the concept that all citizens deserve the same end results. Sanders plans to make this a reality by supporting policies like a $15 minimum wage, free college tuition, socialized health care and sponsorship of other extravagant social programs.

All of thissounds great to a high school student looking for an entry-level job, or a college student having a difficult time paying for tuition, but in reality such an economy is not manageable. Such social programs require funding, and taxes would rise through the roof. The country would go into massive debt, impossible to pay back. The economic situation would virtually mimic the ongoing situation in European countries like Greece. It is entirely unreasonable to present such a plan as a plausible fiscal policy. Yet, Sanders continues to attract people to his socialist, utopia-like ideas which have proven to be disastrous time and time again.

Government handouts and citizen entitlements are not conducive toa productive society. Consumers must work for their living or work does not get done. A successful economy requires substantial monetary incentive. When that disappears, the economy fails. The more socialist the United States’ economy becomes, the more itwill falter. As long as people feel they are entitled to a living, they will produce less than their capabilities permit. Sanders’ political ideas would only minimize the potential of America’s populous.

Hillary Clinton, a democratic progressive, has made clear that Sanders’ ideas are even more liberal than hers.

“We would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in history,” she said at the CNN Democratic presidential debate.

With the rise of Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party is demonstrating its lack of anticipation for the future more than ever before. It is perhaps the most defining attribute of polarity seen in modern day Americanpolitics. The ideas of the Republican Party are not as appealing to simple-minded individuals looking to get paid more and work less, but it undeniably offers the most mature solutions for the future of the economy.

Conservative fiscal policy involves taxing all factions of the populous and disregarding pleas of privilege or lack thereof. It involves paying salaries based off the productive output of an employee, not the government-mandated needs which that employee feels they are entitled to. This is how the United States has functioned for the last 250 years, and it is how the United States has risen to become a leader in global economy. If the United States copies socialistic policies of Europe, its economy will inevitably mimic that of Europe: unpayable tax rates coupled with economic bankruptcy and insurmountable debt.