Yeezy Drops Another Banger

Perhaps the only person in the United States that has an ego as big as the Donald is Kanye West. In a true Trumpian fashion Kanye voiced his support for Donny in a series of tweets which included how the both are brothers due to their shared “Dragon Energy”. Yes, this is true. Apparently there is a manifestation of fire breathing lizards that exists in both of their essences. Anyways, this should not come as a surprise. During Donald Trump’s transition period in December 2016, Kanye visited the president elect in Trump Tower. And at a November 2017 concert Kanye went on a rant about how he would have voted for Trump if he had voted. The rapper is known for outlandish political statements, such as when he accused George Bush of not caring about Black people in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. But, what does Kanye’s statements truly indicate about the United States’ current political climate?

Kanye’s statements first off indicate an ideal for political positiveness and the expression of free thought. Kanye released several tweets on his beliefs in free thought. As an artist, as a member of a socially marginalized community, his individuality is what makes him who he is. Kanye recognizes that freedom of thought and individuality are what drives his character, and that they also make America great. Kanye stated that he is neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. Kanye values the diversity of thought, something that has obviously gone on the wayside for the Democratic party over the last ten years. There is little intellectual diversity in the DNC. The differences in views between Corey Booker, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris are so little that people no longer vote for the candidate, they vote for the party. This is contrasted starkly with the GOP that has diversity represented through the differences between Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and John Kasich. Aside from the flash of individualism seen in a celebrity of color, Kanye’s statements are indicative of future demographic voting changes.

The idea of identity politics or favoring one candidate or policy based off a collective identity is a poison in the political system. People lose sight of who they really are. This is commonly used by the political left, including the democratic party in racial politics. Kanye’s sense of individuality as a Black man is a threat to the DNC. Any disagreement—or even discourse for that matter—is a danger to their power structure. In the last election cycle, 28% of Latinos voted for Trump despite his supposed racially charged comments at immigrants. 8% of Blacks voted for Trump. These people are painted as not authentically Black or Hispanic by leftist thought groups because they pose a direct threat to their system of intimidation. Chicago native Chance the Rapper – also a rapper if the name didn’t give it away – also voiced a short, but sweet, discontent over the current state of identity politics. Kanye voiced support for Candace Owens, a Black woman who supports conservatism among young African Americans. Kanye has pointed out that the Democrat’s political system has not improved life in the inner city of Chicago, revealing that the promises of Democrats so far have been an illusion and that if a candidate wants your vote, they need to be accountable as an individual instead of being the sole acceptable option in a political binary according to race. When young Black entrepreneurs can’t get loans to start businesses are you really helping the community? When forcing small businesses to adopt higher wages when not giving tax breaks will the standard of living really be raised? The answer to all of this is no.  

The best part of Kanye voicing disgust in the current negativism perpetuated by the media on behalf of the DNC is the reaction of other media icons. Artists like John Legend have expressed discontent for Kanye’s decision to support the president. All of this is based off the ability Kanye has to sway people’s opinions. Apparently, this is only ok if it is the correct DNC approved opinion. Although some say it is good that people like Kanye are speaking out on how the DNC paints the GOP as a imaginary boogeyman, hopefully it will make the public realize that no matter what, the celebrity social stratum is out of touch with society and their opinions should not be headed.