How the Bridge’s Vandalism Mirrors Rape Culture



David Blondin

Three years ago when I was living on the dull plains of western Minnesota while attending a small liberal arts college (go cougars!), I woke up in my dorm room with a slight pounding in my head. The alcohol that remained in my system would end up doing less harm to my mind than what was next that day. I had to mentally prepare myself for the biggest waste of time in my life: a feminism workshop.

I mean… I got a double chocolate chip muffin, so the morning wasn’t a total wash, but I still am trying to make the connection between political theory and what pro-nouns I should use. Maybe it is cultural Marxism? Nah. That would be too obvious. I finally figured it out. The new phenomenon of victim status is perpetuating a political rape culture that will only damage our society like the physical rape culture that apparently exists.

“You were drinking, what did you expect?”

“Yeah, but what were you wearing?”

These are phrases commonly associated with rape culture. A recent incident at the University of Minnesota only perpetuated that. An unknown vandal painted over the Minnesota College Republicans’ mural of a Trump-Pence campaign sign and a panel stating, “Build the Wall” on the Washington Avenue Bridge.

“Of course it got vandalized. What did they think was going to happen?”

“Why didn’t they just paint something else?”

We live in an intellectual rape culture. If you have an idea that differs from the academic establishment, you are automatically written off as a racist, bigot, or [insert ad hominem attack here]. To even consider censoring someone because what you find them saying is offensive is the mark of one of two things:

  1. A five year old
  2. A member of the communist vanguard

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m more afraid of: a bunch of immature college students entering reality, or the Stasi knocking on my door because of my political affiliations. These same people who harp about safe spaces don’t even have the decency to respect others’ opinions—a concept that is learned in kindergarten.

This molestation of the mind is apparently all right to some University officials. Heather Lou, the Assistant Director of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (this is why tuition is so high, everyone), is providing a safe space for those affected by the “racist and xenophobic language” that was on the bridge.

How about a safe space for those who can’t come out of the closet and declare themselves a supporter of Donald Trump? Isn’t the white working class considered an identity? We are having people literally infringing on the legal and moral rights of others, and all they care about is the feelings of the perpetrators. Stop victim blaming, Ms. Lou; it is really unbecoming of you. You should have read President Kaler’s press release that clearly separated what you perceive to be xenophobic as a matter of subjectivity. Ms. Lou, your definition of xenophobia is quite problematic. Just because you see something as offensive does not mean you can censor it.

If you think Ms. Lou’s actions were wrong, you should see what La Raza’s Facebook page says. The definition of hate speech is whatever fits their political agenda. They were disappointed for President Eric Kaler for defending Constitutional rights. It doesn’t matter, though, because no human is illegal. Who cares if they break their end of the social contract? This racist culture of double standards is going to destroy what once was a beacon of light on top of a hill.

Cesar Chavez fought for better Chicano rights. The Chicano community is an important thread of this nation and actions like these take their movement two steps backwards. He would be ashamed of you.

Until our freedom to be truly diverse is accepted the idea of living in a free country is just an illusion. We are only free these days if we belong to the group that oppresses, and this week’s events clearly identify that group: the political left.