Social Justice is Marxism i.e. Cancer

Pissed Off Patriot

Social Justice is simply a rebranding of Marxism and, by extension, it is a cancer to the best country on earth, and no one seems to realize it.  Communism is the completely equitable society that Marx strives for, and Marxism is his way to achieve such a utopia.  Social justice is an updated version of Marxism that ultimately seeks an equitable society but fights for this idea through culture rather than economics. 

Marxism focuses on inequities between people in society and puts everything in the frame of two groups: owners of the means of production and the workers that produce goods and services.  Marx believed that owners oppressed the workers and impeded them economically. Marx also thought that to achieve this social change, the struggles between these two groups must be highlighted. 

Social justice focuses on inequities between people in society and puts everything in the frame of two groups: the privileged and the marginalized.  Marginalized groups can be separated into all the groups that compete in the oppression Olympics.  Intersectionality is the attempt to coalesce all these groups into the one big marginalized class.  The social justice cartel believes that the privileged groups oppress marginalized groups and impede them economically and socially.  The social justice cartel also believes it is important to highlight the differences and struggles between these two sides, just like Marx did. 

Social justice means justice based on each social group rather than individual justice.  Social justice blames injustices on a whole group rather than the actual individuals who perpetrate injustices.  Looking past the fact that no one today was alive in slavery-era America, social justice says whites should be held accountable for slavery whether their ancestors owned slaves or not.  This concept fails to promote any actual justice while unfairly blaming individuals that were not responsible, which is an injustice in itself.  

Blaming privileged groups for the injustices against marginalized groups is used by the social justice cartel to be divisive and drive identity groups apart as well as to advocate for the redistribution of outcome.  Marx advocates for this, as well, by pitting the wealthy owners against the poor workers and blaming the owners for the problems of the rich.  Just like the social justice cartel, Marx does not care if owners have been unjust to their workers; the owners are simply evil and at fault merely because they are owners.  With both social justice and Marxism, if one group has a better outcome than another, then there is a social injustice against that group, and it must be corrected. 

Both Marxism and social justice are also entirely anti-meritocracy.  Communism gives the same amount of income to each person independent of competency or uselessness.  Social justice advocates for the same on issues like the wage gap and diversity.  Every group should be paid the same, regardless of work, and diversity of identity groups is more important than diversity of skills or ideas. 

Social justice can be described as cancer, since it is an ideology that seeks to envelop and destroy all societal institutions, with the ultimate goal of rebuilding them in a Utopian socially-just image.  This evil cancer has metastasized and controls much of society, including the Democratic Party, academia, the news media, and Hollywood.  Even Republicans and Libertarians are starting to show cancerous symptoms such as pandering to political correctness and accepting many of the premises that the social justice cartel has asserted.  It is absolutely insane that anyone would pander to these horrid Marxist philosophies that want to destroy everything that has made America great.  We must reject it and go back to the individual justice principles put forth by the Founding Fathers—and quickly—since cancer waits for no one.