To Our Readers: An Introduction from the New Editorial Board



To the readers of The Minnesota Republic,

We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful publication year throughout 2015-2016. Because of supportive readers like you, The Minnesota Republic managed to expand our fan base significantly, find inspiration for an abundance of successful stories, and host events that we had to turn many people away from, including a lively discussion on Third-Wave Feminism featuring the Factual Feminist Christina Hoff-Sommers and Breitbart contributor Milo Yiannopoulos.

We owe much of our previous success to our former editorial board for most of our previous publication year: Editor-in-Chief Anders Koskinen, Managing Editor Henry Carras, and Outreach Director Blake Kraussel. Thank you!

In the spirit of the new publication year, however, we are humbled to introduce you to our new editorial board from The University of Minnesota Twin Cities:

Mason Nuss (Editor-in-Chief) is a senior studying Applied Economics. Mason developed a keen interest for politics in middle school; he originally identified closely with the Republican party and is now a proud and passionate Libertarian. Mason worked as a Staff Writer for The Minnesota Republic beginning in January of 2015, became Outreach Director one year later, and is proud to lead the publication as Editor-in-Chief this year.

Kasey Carpenter (Managing Editor) is a junior pursuing a double major in Communication Studies (for which she works as an undergraduate research assistant) and The Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance. Kasey found her voice in politics as a Staff Writer of The Minnesota Republic last year, and as both a moderate conservative and an avid grammar fan, she looks forwardto serving as Managing Editor over the next several months.

Maddy Dibble (Outreach Director) is a sophomore studying Economics. Maddy made The Minnesota Republic history when she was hired as the publication’s first-ever intern in the Fall of 2015. As the staff was impressed with her work, Maddy was promoted to Staff Writer by early 2016, is eager to work as Outreach Director this year, and is set to become Editor-in-Chief one year from now. A very proud and well-informed Republican, Maddy says, “It is common sense to be conservative. Everything else is just feelings.”

The three members of The Minnesota Republic’s editorial board all feel strongly that our campus—lovely as it is—lacks serious political discourse. Dominated by left-wingers, this publication aims to provide a reasoned voice to conservatives, moderates, libertarians, and others who may feel voiceless amongst such a liberal environment. We hope to do you justice and are so excited for this year.


Mason Nuss (Editor-in-Chief)

Kasey Carpenter (Managing Editor)

Maddy Dibble (Outreach Director)