Hannity Responds to Recent Rash of Trump Scandals

Nicholas Johnson

Fox News commentator Sean Hannity has made a name for himself as a principled advocate of conservatism. His commitment to intellectual honesty and ideological consistency over both party affiliation and individual leaders is almost unparallelled in the realm of political commentary. As such, Hannity has routinely been among the first to take President Donald Trump to task for his myriad scandals, and his reaction to this particularly turbulent week in the White House has been no exception. 

In a move that would become the first of many scandals, President Trump began the week by firing Vice President Pence for,  “Being a total beta.” Though the legality of this move was questionable, at best, Hannity approached the situation with his trademark nuance, pointing out that a staffer of former President Barack Obama once considered firing a White House maintenance worker. 

Further controversy came in the wake of President Trump’s decision to replace the ousted Pence with noted white supremacist activist and former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan David Duke. Many remember the president’s seeming inability to denounce Duke during the 2016 election, but it still came as a shock when Trump chose the notorious racist to fill the vacant office of the Vice President. Hannity, however, wasted no time in responding to the controversial decision, delivering a concise 15 minute analysis of the Black Lives Matter campaign, during which he outlined instances of violence committed in the name of the movement. The segment was titled “Is the Left racist?” Vice President David Duke was not mentioned during Hannity’s analysis.

Later that same week, President Trump announced in a rather ostentatious manner his intention to repeal the First Amendment to the Constitution. In a live demonstration, the president took the original Bill of Rights from its display in the National Archives and tore off the top. He then proceeded to tear up the paper fragment, eat the shreds, and defecate the digested bits of the Constitution onto the floor while yelling, quote, “I am truth! I am god! Witness me!” This was followed by the public execution by firing squad of several high-profile journalists, and was all broadcast live on every television station in the country.

In response, Sean Hannity was quick to point out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as a U.S. Senator and her campaign as the Democratic nominee in the 2016 President Election, probably at some point said something that wasn’t super pro-free speech.  

Additionally, as has already been reported in depth elsewhere, adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who reportedly received hush money during the 2016 Presidential campaign to cover up her affair with then-candidate Donald Trump, released a tape of this alleged affair. Hannity, upon seeing the scandalous video, which was filmed from several invasive angles, had some harsh words for the President, commenting that Trump’s genitalia was, “Only sort of fantastic.” He then, to get out ahead of the critics who would suggest that President Trump has a somewhat unhealthy relationship with women, reminded his audience about former President Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

Finally, when the severely battered corpse of attorney Robert Mueller was found buried in a shallow grave on the White House front lawn, with small fingerprints on his windpipe corresponding with those of President Trump, Hannity was first on the air, opting to host an exclusive, hour-long panel about Benghazi with several other conservative commentators.