Dennis Prager Sounds Off

Long-time radio talk show host, founder of Prager University, and syndicated columnist Dennis Prager took to the stage to sound off at CPAC at noon. In a short 5 minute speech, Prager made a point to speak about the idea that the left is breaking apart our nation in three specific ways.

First, leftists prefer material equality, to that of liberty. Liberalswould prefer that every individual in the United States has equality in outcome. Prager argues that this idea is fundamentally wrong, and that citizens should have the right to their own destiny, not one pre-determined by government. Liberty presents individuals with options and the abilities to forge their own path.

The second point Prager presents is that the country was founded on the idea that rights come from God, designated by the phrase “In God we trust,” something leftists fundamentally do not understand. This does not mean that one has to believe in God to be a conservative, but one must recognize that our nation was founded on the principle that rights come from God, and not from man. Man is flawed, and inherently cannot give rights to the people. The founders viewed God as morally perfect, and thus God gives citizens rights.

Prager’s final component is that leftists are seeking to undermine the idea of “E pluribus unum” or “Out of many, one.” Leftists seek to divide individuals by groups, for example: African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic Americans. The founders wanted a country founded on the principle “E pluribus unum” to ensure that its citizens will unite and revel in what it means to be American. Skin color, ethnic heritage, hair color, etc., should not divide Americans, Americans should rather be united because they share the same values. In essence, there should be no such thing as hyphenated Americans.

Prager pleaded with the audience to seek to remember these three ideas, which make up what he calls the “American trinity:” liberty, “in God we trust,” and “E pluribus unum.” Focusing on the trinity forces Americans to remember the founding of our nation, and the principles it was based upon. By supporting the idea of America and the American trinity, conservatives can win the argument.