Abortions, Guns and Intellectual Honesty



David Blondin

In the wake of the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival politicians, politicians, political activists, and our nation’s conscious, Jimmy Kimmel, had plenty to say about our nation’s plan regarding gun control. According to the gospel of James: Republicans and NRA members defending gun rights are complicit in the shooting with blood dripping off their hands.
Within a day of the shooting, Hillary Clinton was instantaneously politicizing the massacre by telling the American public that the NRA advocates for gun silencers that would have led to more deaths. This statement contains a large flaw: Silencers are not used to stealthily mow down targets like in some James Bond movie. A silencer suppresses the sound of the firearm to protect the hearing of the shooter. This is an example of an ongoing trend of uniformed elected officials and Hollywood elites prescribe solutions to gun control.
Instead of wasting your time reading the statistics that prove:
• The types of guns used in mass shootings are radically different than those used in homicides
• Most gun-related homicides happen in “gun free” environments *Cough Cough Chicago*
• Most gun related deaths are suicides.
• Mass shootings are committed by the mentally ill. Etc.

Let’s look at the issue through a legalistic and rational perspective. The obvious case for the government to leave gun control legislation alone rests on the following:
1) The people promoting it are logically incompetent, or evil geniuses. Emotionally laden rhetoric is used to make the masses that they should trust the state. Those who advocate for that either wish to be treated as sheep, or to be the wolves that will devour them.
2) The Second Amendment; which guarantees everyone the right to bear arms

Many politicians and celebrities, who have no idea what it is like to live in the real world, are advocating for measures that would not have changed the outcome in the Vegas Shooting. Putting a moratorium on handgun sales, magazine capacities, or sales between private individuals, before the facts are known, because of the shooting is dirty politics. That would be like if the FDA were to ban every restaurant in the nation from serving guacamole because one Chipotle in Illinois kept giving people E. coli. The government cannot institute blanket regulations because of vague connections, this is the United States.
With each passing day, talking heads full of misinformation about gun control spew out blatant lies to sway over emotionally weak people. As a country, we cannot fall for that stupidity.
Most Americans who advocate for gun control need to understand that we follow a constitution, a blueprint for our country. In this constitution, we have ten amendments that are known as the Bill of Rights. These rights are rights each private individual has that the state cannot take away. The Second Amendment states:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
This is short, sweet, and to the point. The conversation should end there. Unfortunately, some people think that because weapon technology has changed so much since the 1700s, the Founding Fathers did not intend for the masses to have military grade weapons. This is false, in fact, Washington remarked on its importance.
The same people who spew this ignorance think that healthcare, something that is never mentioned in the constitution, let alone our advanced procedures we have now compared to the 1700s, is a human right. This simply makes no sense the logic doesn’t stop there. The Democratic party also strongly advocates for the right to abort an unborn child. Roe vs. Wade, the supreme court case that essentially legalizes abortion, stretches the 9th amendment (which is also in the Bill of Rights) to include the murder of an innocent child. If we see the right to privacy to include the death of an innocent citizen, then there is no wiggle room in the individual’s right to own a firearm. Logic doesn’t allow anything otherwise.
Unlike a firearm purchase, the purchase of an abortion will cause harm to the child, and probably the mother. Thus, taking away a right that is clearly described in the constitution out of unjustified fear of a death while allowing for a right that guarantees one is just ridiculous. Under his own logic, Jimmy Kimmel and every Planned Parenthood supporter are complicit with the death of innocent children. If you find the previous statement ridiculous but support increased gun control, you must reexamine your thought process.
Luckily, if the American public finds gun violence at an unacceptable level they can enact gun control. It just needs to be done following the correct procedure. The constitution can, and should, be changed as the country matures and grows. Unless you enact gun control through the intellectually honest way, it will be a recipe for disaster.