Social Justice Idiocy



On college campuses throughout the country, individuals see themselves as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). You can spot them sitting in lecture with their computers covered in progressive, left-leaning decals. They sit in conversation with their leftist, friends throwing around meaningless buzzwords like “intersectionality,” “safe spaces,” and “multiplicity.” These SJWs are usually immune to facts and logic, and struggle to listen to other people’s viewpoints.

Before the idiocy of the SJW can be conveyed, one first must understand how the SJW functions. SJWs are inherently leftists, because social justice is integral to the leftist ideology and to the leftist’s very being. By definition, it calls for the justice of a “social” group to be more important than individual-centered justice. This is a bankrupt ideology because justice is grounded in individualism. As soon as justice becomes about a group rather than an individual, it no longer is justice. Take the Michael Brown shooting for example: leftists argued he was shot unjustly because of his skin color, while they fully neglect the facts that conveyed he was shot because he threatened an officer’s life. SJWs don’t care about facts when it fails to serve their beloved “causes.”

SJWs tend to be outspoken advocates for causes they “believe in,” despite having an artificial understanding of the issues. Virtually all people have a “causes” or something about which they are passionate about. Once an SJW decides on an issue he or she instantly becomes an expert on that issue. Just ask your freshmen friends majoring in Environmental Science, who two months into their first year on campus claim to be all-knowing on topics pertaining to climate change. Non-SJWs best not argue with them, because apparently the SJWs have a monopoly on facts.

After learning how the SJW thinks and acts, you are probably thinking of someone you know who exemplifies these qualities. You have without a doubt seen SJWs. Like the seasonal flu, they infect college campuses across the nation at alarming rates.

You can likely observe SJWs in Sociology and Political Science courses, raising their hand to bash the free market. Odds are, you can find them in your local indie coffee shop, acting as if they are making massive social statements by drinking fair-trade coffee, not even knowing what fair-trade is. Voicing disgust for family values, you can find them in feminism courses bashing anyone who stands for the sanctity of life. They tend to wear Che Guevara shirts to convey their love of utopian socialism, while full well knowing but not acknowledging that he was a mass murderer. In short, seek people who embrace hypocrisy, and you will find SJWs.

SJWs claim to be so passionate about pressing issues, but they do nothing concrete to make a difference. They care about the environment yet never go into their community to pick up garbage. They blame conservatives for education achievement gaps but don’t physically help the victims of the failing public school system. They slam government as corrupt, but push for the increased presence of government within American society. They voice their hatredfor capitalism but carry iPhones and macbooks, and cling to their kindles, all of which are the direct effects of free enterprise.

In short, SJWs define hypocrisy. All they offer are complaints and insults. Their desire to appeal morally superior is nauseating and exhausting. They can hide behind their worthless twitter hashtags all they want, but they can’t expect change. Until SJWs acknowledge their hypocrisy, their ideas should neither be respected nor acknowledged. It’s time that students at universities across the country step up and call out SJWs for their hypocrisy and put an end to this artificial “movement” that has offered so little.