Marco Meets in Minnesota



Madison Dibble

Marco Rubio and his campaign spoke to a full room in Minneapolis to inspire voters to caucus for him in our Super Tuesday Caucus on March 1.

Jeff Johnson, the chair of Rubio’s Minnesotan campaign staff and Hennepin County Commissioner, introduced Senator Rubio by highlighting Rubio’s unique ability to unite the Republican Party while opposing the two candidates remaining on the Democratic side.

“Despite the fact that we are either running against a cranky old socialist or a pathological liar, we have a tough race in front of us and the only way we are going to win it is if we pick a conservative who can unite Republicans and inspire Americans. There is only one candidate who can do that” stated Johnson.

During his speech, Rubio hit on multiple issues and laid out his plan to make the twenty firstcentury a new American century by uniting the party. “We can’t win the election if 30 percent of the party won’t vote for the candidate.”

Rubio claims that he has the ability to not only unite the Republican Party, but he plans to grow the Republican Party by focusing on working class voters who have never thought to join the Republican Party.

“I come from where you come from. I lived and grew up the way you now live. And I’m a conservative and you should be too.”

Rubio also hit on the student debt crisis by talking about his own struggle with student loans. “We are going to prove that free enterprise is the best way forward for students.”

Speaking about what is at stake if the Republican candidate cannot win the general election, Rubio stated, “This cannot be an election about nominating someone just to prove a point. We are all angry, but you have to solve the problem.”

The Senator warned about the governmental growth under President Obama and the Democratic Party and impacts that it could render. Along with that, he outlined his plan to strengthen the military and defeat ISIS.

Rubio also responded to Obama’s renewed plan to shut down Guantanamo.

“The best intelligence agencies in the world are going to find the terrorists. The best military in the world is going to destroy the terrorists. But if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they are going to Guantanamo.”

Rubio concluded that he will ensure the American Dream. “Now is the time for this generation to ensure that American remain, not just great, but greater than it has ever been.”

With the exception of protestors outside the room who stated that Marco wants to deport them, the speech seemed well received, but the truth about how Minnesotans feel about Rubio will be clarified during the caucuses on March 1.