Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson

Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson

Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected president November 6th. With that in mind, I would like to take some time to talk about a third candidate in this year’s presidential race: Gary Johnson.

Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson left the Republican Party to run for president under the Libertarian Party. Johnson was foolish to think he could win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. While he understands fiscal conservatism, he misses the mark with his stance on drug legalization and foreign policy. Also, his stance on social issues alienates too many of the Republican faithful.

The War on Drugs has been very expensive and somewhat misguided. Policies have focused mainly on reducing supply instead of targeting demand. The reason for this is that supply is much easier to target, and by focusing too much on supply, federal policy has caused prices to increase, making it more lucrative for criminals to enter the industry. Also, the issue has changed since an increasingly large number of drug abuse cases involve prescription medicines.

Even though this policy has not been as succe

ssful as hoped, we should not reverse course as Gary Johnson suggests. Legalization of drugs is an attractive argument to young voters who in most cases do not understand the abuse legalization would lead to in the United States. It is naïve.

His stance on foreign policy is even more reckless. Gary Johnson argues for “non-interventionism,” which is another name for isolationism. Again, this is naïve position that ignores reality. In an ideal world, intervention would not be necessary.

The United States is the strongest nation in the world, and it is ruled by the idea that liberty is not given by the government. Therefore, countries that deny their citizens liberty should not be endorsed by the United States. Conversely, countries that respect liberty should find the United States as an ally.

To understand the need for interventionism, imagine the world without the United States. The Republic of China would be left defenseless. Israel would face annihilation. Many countries today exist solely because of the United States’ support.

Gary Johnson has stated that he would n

ot support Israel claiming that Iran is not a threat. This is a dangerous position to hold. Israel is the most stable nation in the Middle East and should be seen as a good example not a scorn in the region.

Peace through strength is not ideal but necessary.