Racism Is Color Blind



David Blondin

Following President-elect Trump’s victory, the nation and the main stream media have placed racism as its number one worry. Tearful Facebook timelines are layered with people fearing the rise of racism toward minority communities. While it is funny to observe the dramatics of the left, racism is not a joke and it is important to understand what qualifies racism.

There is this idea circulating the victim studies departments suggesting that you cannot be racist towards white people if you are a minority, or sexist towards a man if you are a woman. The idea stems from the statement that Racism= Power + Prejudice. All this is being taught despite the Merriam-Webster dictionary giving a contrary definition.

They define racism as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

So why is this malarkey statement being shared across campuses and social justice circles nationwide? It can be assumed that it relates to the perversion our culture from independence to victimhood.The greatest problem this causes is the loss of individuality. Entire groups have been reduced to an identity. A social status that you can’t control. This idea revokes the individual’s free will.

We exist as individuals and we make our own choices. There is a difference, however, between systematic racism and personal racism. If a judge gives a Hispanic man a different DUI fine because of his race, that is systematic racism. If a black man decides to drag a white man out of his car for being a white Trump supporter and beat him to a pulp, that is personal racism. It is the same racial motivation that a manager has for following black teens around his store.

When someone acts out against someone else because of their own racial beliefs, they are creating their own personal power structure and this has more power than systematic structures.

The whole idea is to make racially charged crimes and thoughts more acceptable if it is against white people. Spoiler Alert: it’s not. Racism is color blind. There is no such thing as reverse racism, there is just racism. Racism is bred from contempt. It doesn’t care about your past or who you are. It is a poison that both Republicans and Social Justice Warriors need to eradicate.