Trump Gets Trampled In CNN Debate



Madison Dibble

Rubio and Cruz trampled Trump in the final CNN debate before Super Tuesday. The five remaining candidates made their final cases for the many delegates up for grabs, including those from Minnesota. With the future of the Republican Party and the United States hanging in the balance, each of the candidates juggled questions on everything from Puerto Rican bankruptcy to Canadian border control. Some candidates did better than others. Here are their grades:

Ben Carson’s debate ended during his opening speech. He took the little time he had to complain about his little time. After failing to set himself apart, he will fall further in the polls. Any chance he had, he blew.

Grade: F

John Kasich took the optimistic high road throughout the debate, but it came across weak. In a field where the remaining candidates are trying to out-conservative each other, Kasich’s moderation stood out, and not in a good way. His lack of interaction with the top three candidates proves he isinsignificant.

Grade: D

Marco Rubio dropped his gloves and hit Trump with everything that he had, and it worked. He made Trump look weak and confused by forcing him to state policy on everything from healthcare and immigration to the fake Trump University and where his ties are made. “If Donald Trump builds his wall the way he built Trump tower, he’ll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it.” Rubio managed to walk a line of being strong in his own policy while singlehandedly destroying Trump.

Grade: A+

Ted Cruz proved that he is the strongest conservative on the field. He pulled strong evidence supporting his immigration plan by comparing it to Arizona’s policy. He took some time to jab Rubio on immigration but focused on Trump. “For forty years, Donald Trump has been funding liberal democratic politicians.” While his attacks were solid, they did not have the same sting of Rubio’s attacks.

Grade: B

Donald Trump’s momentum has been severely maimed following this debate. In his weakest showing yet, Trump dropped the ball on almost every question. Senators Cruz and Rubio hit Trump with every punch they could, and Trump’s only response was his red face. His attempts to pit Cruz and Rubio against each other failed, repeatedly. He avoided policy and stuck to personality attacks. Although this is Trump’s typical persona, his inability to counter-punch his opponents left him looking, for the first time, weak. His debate strategy was stated best by Rubio. “He says five things. Everyone’s dumb, he’s going to make America great again. Win, win, win. He’s winning in the polls. Every night.”

Grade: F

Trump will certainly be damaged following this debate, but the impact of these attacks will not be accurately felt until the votes are counted on March 1. Minnesota’s voice will be heard after the Republican caucuses, which will take place at 7 pm Tuesday night.