Jews receive over half of all hate crimes but the left says they are privileged

Madison Dibble developed a handy calculator for people to check their privilege. While privilege is a legitimate thing, way leftists calculate it ruins the validity of the argument that privilege exists in the first place. 

These privilege calculators focus on five things: race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and income. Of these, the only true privilege comes from income. Laverne Cox has an estimated wealth in the millions of dollars. How could anyone argue that than Cox—a trans person of color—is less privileged than a white male with an income of $20,000 a year? 

I will cede the fact that, statistically, certain groups are better off than others. And these are the facts that the lefties at should push. 

Instead, they lie. 

With the variables of race, gender, sexual orientation, and income held, a Jewish man has a score of 195. A Muslim man has a score of 120. A non-religious man scores a 155. How does that hold up to actual data?

According to the FBI, Jews received 56 percent of all religious hate crimes while only making up 2 percent of the population. Muslims received 24.5 percent of religious hate crimes. Catholics came in third. 

So, why is it that these calculators show Jewish people to be more privileged? 

The left hates Jews.

This failure to realize that Jewish people as the victim of hate crimes only put Jews in a more vulnerable state. In the long scope of the left’s support of victims, they have always left out the Jewish people. 

The most obvious example of this is their disdain for the nation of Israel. The left loves to point to Israel and call them an apartheid state. The left loves to ignore the freedoms and standard of living for people of all faiths in Israel. 

Because Israel gives citizenship to all Jews, the left sees this as discrimination and mistreatment of the Palestinian people. In reality, the Palestinian people have full rights in Israel and are treated far better in Israel than in Jordan and Syria. 

It’s not just the Palestinians who are treated better in Israel than in neighboring countries. Women have equal rights. LGBTQ love is decriminalized. There is no mandatory religion or Sharia law. 

In the neighboring countries, women are stoned for being raped. Gays are tossed off buildings. Christians are executed.  Yet, Israel is the bad guy. 

These facts, while horrifying, aren’t really the point. 

The left believes that wealth and success can only be attained by stepping on the backs of those who are less privileged. They won’t say that, but they believe it. 

Jewish culture promotes hard work, education, and good physical health. These traits are all traits that lead to being more successful in the United States and the success of the Jewish people is evident in almost every industry. Many famous members of the film industry are Jewish. One-third of the Supreme Court is Jewish. Many of the most successful accountants, attorneys, and political pundits are all Jewish. 

According to the left, these people needed to step on victims to climb to this level of success. That means that Jews themselves cannot be victims, no matter what the data states. 

The left has turned victimization into a contest. They pick winners and losers based on feelings rather than data because the data doesn’t always agree with their narrative. They need to point to privilege because it can be dangerous to point to anything else. 

If you can’t just group people together, then you must look at the individual and their personal decisions and realize that that plays a role beyond privilege. And that might hurt someone’s feelings. 

It comes down to this, the left needs to stop making victimhood a competition because it only furthers the problem. Affirmative action is important and vital for some groups of people, but because the left chooses privilege based on race or gender, resources can be misallocated. For example, the children of millionaires can go to school free because of their racial makeup when a poorer white or Asian student may be left out. 

By grouping people together, it only furthers the divides because we are not looking towards the content of their character. The left needs to stop that for the sake of Jewish people and victims of discrimination everywhere.