Mall Killer of Five Arrested

On Sunday morning, police identified and located the alleged murderer in a crime that occurred inside of a Northern Washington mall on Friday night. Arcan Cetin allegedly went into Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington (about 60 miles North of Seattle) and began to open fire, killing five people.

Cetin immigrated from Turkey, which was arguably secular at one point in time. However, due to recent events, especially regarding the coup d’état, Turkey has been pushed further down the path of radicalization.

It took cross-cooperation with 24 different law enforcement agencies to find Cetin and bring him into custody. While his motives are yet to be released, some reports believe it to be another case of textbook domestic terrorism. This comes after an unsettling knife attack in St. Cloud Minnesota, and another shooting that occurred the same weekend. Both of the preceding attacks have been thought to be terrorism, but the shooting at Cascade Mall is not being investigated as such at the time of writing.

Reports say that at one time, Cetin’s ex-girlfriend worked at the Target store inside of Cascade Mall.

When Cetin was taken into custody, Washington Governor Jay Inslee gave praise to the 24 agencies involved in bringing him in because of their quick response time. In the coming days, law enforcement will begin to execute more search warrants, hopefully helping them to understand what caused this terrible tragedy to occur.