20 Trillion Problems and Counting

Debt pressure financial concept as a huge wave or tide made of 3D illustration text as a finance and economic crisis metaphor for money problem risk and budget management trouble.

Debt pressure financial concept as a huge wave or tide made of 3D illustration text as a finance and economic crisis metaphor for money problem risk and budget management trouble.

Michael Ziebarth

20 trillion dollars in debt and still no one seems to really care. Government spending is out of control and there is little reason to be optimistic about the situation improving anytime soon. Most politicians do not seem to care about this mountain of debt that the country accumulated. Some politicians don’t stand up and fight when it comes to important issues surrounding spending while the rest are too stupid and don’t know how to fight. Nevertheless, this issue needs to be addressed soon to minimize damage to future generations perpetrated by the swamp monsters of the last 30 years.

Democrats are the worst offenders when it comes to spending. Democrats advocate for the expansion of every federal social program imaginable to make our evil capitalistic economy as equitable as possible. The US government has made all these promises about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security that they cannot keep yet Democrats advocate for the expansion of social securityand government healthcare programs.

This can be seen right now with Senator Bernie Sander’s push for a Medicare for all program. Apparently, Crazy Bernie is so comfortable with spending 1.2 trillion dollars a year on Medicare and Medicaid that he now wants to add another 1.8 trillion on top of that. Then, when Republicans want to cut the increase in spending on Medicaid they are accused by Democrats of trying to kill people. Democrats say to pay for this we can just tax the rich and cut the military.

To put that stupidity into perspective, if we did not spend a dime on defense this year we would still be running a deficit and if the government passed a 100 percent tax on income over a million dollars, revenue would only increase by about 600 billion dollars. To top it all off, Democrats also want open borders so anybody around the world who can make it into their utopia can get free healthcare and college tuition. Hard to see the issue with that concept.

Then we have the Republicans who are splintered into several groups.

First, we have President Trump who is scared of alienating his base by dismantling entitlements. I do applaud him and his cabinet for requesting deep cuts to domestic spending but of course, they were shut down by congressional leadership. Which leads to the second group, the fake conservative swamp monsters like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who talk a big game but never fight the big battles to reign in spending. This group also wants open borders so they fail to hack these social programs while supporting a policy that increases the need for these programs. Third, we have the hardline conservatives who want to dismantle the federal government and end the spending problem but typically ask for so much they alienate any support they have. Lastly, we have the war hawks like Senators McCain and Graham that would happily get us into trillion dollar wars with anything that moves.

This party of fiscal responsibility owns the White House and both houses of Congress and still cannot do anything to get control of government spending but at least they can get 49 votes on a fake repeal of Obamacare.

Then we have the Libertarians who one would think would be the saving grace when it comes to government spending. Yet again, we are let down by politicians but this time they are unemployed politicians because Libertarians never win elections.One would think that this would be a great time to be getting support for reducing the power of politicians that everyone hates but just like in the 2016 election, a coherent message from Libertarians is nowhere to be found. I would like to see Libertarians team up with small government Republicans and lead massive public campaigns to try to gain public support for cuts and reforms to social programs. It is a brutal debate to have but it’s a war we must fight.

Libertarians also have to table their fight for open borders and total drug legalization until after the end of the welfare state. Their borderless free market of labor doesn’t work when huge swaths of our population can get a government check while sitting on the couch. Also, it is especially stupid to legalize drugs in a welfare state unless I am the only one who does not love paying for every cokehead’s food stamps and healthcare.

In conclusion, I have no idea when this endless spending party will end or who will try to end it. We need to stop this idea that the federal government is an endless pot of money. We need to stop thinking that the most humane politicians are the ones that give out the freest stuff. Politicians of all parties have to realize it’s not going to matter how much stuff you gave to constituents when you have to tell their grandkids that the best country on earth is going bankrupt and they are going to have to pay for it all.