The Development of a Master Race: Being Pro-Choice

Everyone at this University is aware of the pro-life and pro-choice narratives. The other person is either a misogynist or a baby killer. What if the issue at hand was not the termination of a pregnancy, but rather to implement policies that were designed to create a master race of people.

It is not a secret that the same motivations that drove men like Hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels, were shared with the founder of Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger. Sanger wanted to kill of the undesirables in society including blacks, Hispanics, Catholics, physically and mentally disabled, and those in poverty. As we observe Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers sprout up in low-income and minority neighborhoods, we can see Sanger’s greatest conspiracy. Pro-choice elites make the marginalized feel like it is their choice. They give them the illusion of power by allowing them to kill themselves off. 

As medical technology and genetic research advances so does the most modern form of infanticide, intra-utero. Millions of babies are aborted each year when the parents find out that a child will be physically or mentally disabled. In countries like Iceland and New-Zealand a lack of residents with Down-Syndrome exemplifies how human engineering is already taking place. 

Instead of the Spartan tradition of leaving a child on the side of the mountain if they would not be physically strong the Scandinavian countries just nip their societal cancer before it sees the light. Baby girls are not being left in the desert abandoned like in ancient Bedouin culture, however, people in countries like China will abort a child if it is not male. The ethics involved with abortion include ableism and sexism. What is being sold as a choice is rather antithetical to the entire so-called social justice movement. Human beings are having the existence of their life removed to perfect the human animal. 

The understanding of probability and genetics have increased to the point where we will be able to find more about the child before it is born. The expected height, intelligence, sex, and athletic abilities are becoming more possible to predict. Unfortunately, so will the increased reasons to abort the fetus. As our corrections become more minute and humans perfect themselves, the threshold for abortion will drop. Over time, only those who fit certain qualities will be allowed to live, and subsequently breed. 

Parents will be able to learn the likelihood of their child being gay or transgender. A parent might find something they do not want to go through and decide to abort the child. The pro-life argument would find this abhorrent. 

What about the pro-choice? 

If we can abort a child based on other congenital conditions, why not the probability the child will be gay or trans? It is said that some of these abortions make the life of the parents easier. With the current rate of trans-suicides, it can be easy to justify the abortion. Why put the parents of a trans person through the pain of burying their kid? This is the same situation with down-syndrome fetuses. Soon, we will be aborting those with a higher tendency to become schizophrenic, and other more functional mental disabilities. 

The question for the pro-choice movement is not whether or not abortion should be legal, the question is where do we draw the line in choosing who gets to live and who gets to die.