Ted Cruz: The Ideal Outsider



Outsiders. The 2016 election can be characterized as the “year of the outsider.” On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is surging in popularity and putting up a fight against the somewhat weak front runner, Hillary Clinton. On the Republican side, Donald Trump has been in first place in most polls of primary voters for almost six months, and other outsiders Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson have had their moments in the spotlight. One outsider candidate on the Republican side who has recently surged and has the greatest chance of winning the Republican nomination is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

Republican primary voters have made it clear that they are fed up with the GOP establishment but want someone with substantial experience. Cruz fits this bid. Prior to being a U.S. Senator he served as an intern to Chief Justice Rehnquist, as a Deputy Attorney General in the Bush Administration,and also as Solicitor General of Texas. As a senator, Cruz stands staunchly for conservative values and in opposition to President Obama and the liberal in the GOP. Cruz is an enemy of the elitist Washington political class that has put its own interests above those of the American people. This adds to his appeal. Cruz’s blend of experience and outsider credentials make him the ideal candidate for the 2016 GOP nomination.

Although many establishment pundits have written Cruz off as a radical right-winger unable to attract the votes of independents and moderate Democrats, their logic is flawed. The common perception is that Cruz is radical because he abides by the Constitution and advocates for limited government and traditional values. What is so radical about these ideals? Individuals from the heartland, rural areas, suburbs, and even some urbanites profess these values, and they prefer a limited government. In addition, Cruz’s views on lessening the tax burden on middle-class families, lessening regulations to create more jobs, and stanching stance on immigration to ensure quality American jobs make Cruz the most viable choice for independents and moderate Democrats. These voters are looking for an alternative to either the socialist Senator Sanders and the criminal former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After the failures of the Iraq war, the fact remains that Americans are war weary. In a field dominated by neoconservatives advocating perpetual war, Cruz is a strong voice for an “America first” foreign policy. He has vowed to avoid foreign entanglements that harm our country’s financial standing and position in world politics.

As the caucuses and primaries quickly approach, it appears clear that Republicans have a three-person race: Donald Trump, Senator Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio. Trump’s bombastic rhetoric will decrease his chances of winning the nomination as voters become more serious and committed to the democratic process. In addition, Rubio’s addiction to foreign entanglements will prove him to be less appealing to the populist right wing. The downfall of these two candidates will leave one alternative: Senator Ted Cruz.